Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Poison Ivy

I walked outside with the full intention of getting closer with HIM. I had already been in prayer much of the morning, because everywhere my eyes fell this day, there were needs.

Slow and intentional were my steps as I heard the screen door squeak, then click shut behind me. A mild breeze caught my attention as the leaves flickered. I wanted to go see my tree, the cherry tree that we almost didn't buy, because it was frail. All other shoppers had passed it up, but we went back in bought it. I could smell fresh cut grass and breathed in the country silence deep into me. I began to walk towards the tree looking at every flower I passed, every bird that flew, every cloud in the sky...knowing HE was about to show me something...

I kept repeating, "I want to see, I want to see..." but often times people look for something in desperation that they mask what HE is giving, and therefore never receive some of the best gifts of all. Suddenly, everything became full of quiet. I could hear nothing but everything and it was as clear as crystal. I was unaware that I was still walking until I actually stopped. I had heard something.

A  crackling sound, a break, then a thud, had me looking at tall tree near where my cherry tree was planted. Though it was rooted in the thicket adjacent to our property, I folded my arms and just watched it. Every few seconds another nut would fall with a deliberate thud so strong it would bounce from the dirt ground below and rest a few feet away from the tree. Every time I tried to look away, I couldn't. I knew there was something about that tree...

I walked along the tree line of the woods and even picked up one of the nuts. It was so smooth. I ran my fingers over its thin exterior and felt one small spot that was mighty warm where the sun had grazed it. Every few seconds another nut would fall and they were so loud that I knew they dropped with purpose. I soon was released from the hold the tree had on me and I stepped away. I walked up to the little cabin's porch that is perfectly placed behind my barn and I sat, and I watched that old tree. I could still hear the blatant nuts breaking loose and dropping to the earth but I still was unsure of what HE was showing me. I bowed my head and closed my eyes...

When I opened my eyes, I placed them back on that tree. With a soft wind blowing, a smaller insignificant tree started turning bright yellow. I looked around smiling wishing someone else was there to witness the green tree turning bright so beautifully golden in a glow I've never seen before. At that moment, at that very second, all the other trees remained green but this one lit up and I stood to my feet. It soon dimmed again and was just ordinary like the others but I had to walk back over there immediately and look at the tree I had not noticed before.

I walked with a near gallop and soon arrived at the trees again. I stood there and wondered why I had not noticed the other tree in the first place. The trunk of the tree was covered in poison ivy but its leaves were quite healthy. I knew that the other tree had been making such noise before that it must have overshadowed the smaller one. I began to smile when I noticed The Lord had reached down and touched the quiet one today. Even though there was some poison ivy that had crept up over the years, it's roots were strong and it was healthy. It may not flourish with fruit or nuts but it obviously has something to bear in its own little way. The Lord saw that and gave it gold.

How wonderful it is to be HIS child. I love days like this when I get to see and hear and feel. I am unworthy, yet I am Blessed.

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