Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Invitation

We sat on a different pew, so I knew there would be something new for me today. As songs began everything started to be usual, which can be quite great at my little country church. As the song "How Great Thou Art" poured from us all, I began to feel HIM. I looked to the friend sitting next to me, because chills filled my arm and I wanted her to see it. As our eyes met, she was holding up her arm too, and it was covered with them, just like mine.

After Sunday School, we met in song again. I wondered if The Spirit would pay us another visit. I almost waited. As the songs reached inside me, my eyes began to fill. The lights above seemed to reach right down to the floor and I blinked slowly trying to clear my vision, but couldn't. I finally closed my eyes, and prayed. I decided to simply invite HIM back. I asked HIM to please come back, and move through the church once again. In less than a minute, I heard one of our members crying out...and I knew HE was back. His voice was loud and clear and it felt good. I gathered each word he burst out into that aisle and placed them gently on my heart, and that felt good too. A smile crossed my lips as I realized how simple it was to get HIM back.

It wasn't long after that, a young girl made her way to The Altar. I followed as did many others. I placed my hand on the cross at the bottom of the pew as I prayed. I thanked HIM for answering my simple prayer. I looked up and with her head still bent in prayer, I noticed she had three hands on her back. One was a very young hand, a fellow teenage friend. One was the hand of her mother. I was certain of the three hands, she could tell which one belonged to her mother. The other hand belonged to the sweet lady from the second pew. Though I only saw those three hands, she had to feel a fourth hand...and I'm certain she also knew to whom it belonged. The Lord reached down and gave her what she needed and when she got back to her pew, she shouted in Praise lifting both her hands high above her head. I grabbed a tissue as tears exploded like fireworks being launched on the fourth of July. I tried to catch them all but there were too many.

Her Daddy stood up as if being set on fire and he preached, and I thanked HIM for all of that. In closing, a man asked his his own Daddy to read The Son. I had never heard the story and even though it was difficult for him to read through the tears, he stood up in front, and read it. He knew a Blessing would come from it, and everyone was on their feet, wiping tears from their eyes, by the time he finished.

I am truly Blessed. I sent one small invitation, and brought home so many gifts. I do not deserve all that HE gives.

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