Sunday, September 23, 2012

Without a Voice

Slumped over at The Altar, the young mother wept. I closed my eyes and prayed hard, asking The Lord to give this young lady what she needs. When I opened my eyes and lifted my head, someone knelt at my side and reached up to touch her back. The hand of her husband looked large next to the hand of his own mother, which had also been placed on the young mother's back. Tears came to my eyes as the mother of the son, reached over to touch his hand. They both held hands and I was moved at the sight of them both praying with her. I knew the young mother could feel her husband and mother-in-law holding hands but still holding tight to her.

We all went back to our seats where nobody seemed to want to let go of The Spirit which was clearly moving. The young mother stood and without a voice, praised HIM. It didn't matter that many ears couldn't hear her, she praised HIM anyway, with all that she had. She was perfectly aware when she stood, that her voice was weak but faith and mercy placed her on her feet anyway. Common circumstance had strained her vocals over the weekend but the longer she stood, the stronger her voice got. Whispers had turned into bits and pieces of words and I was amazed, that HE was giving some of her speech back. I could hear every word as I sat only a few seats away and I was thankful for each and every strained sound, because she put forth the effort.

I had invited some friends to church just before leaving this morning, and I knew they probably wouldn't make it on such short notice. I didn't have time to be disappointed, before a family walked in and took seats in front of us. Though it wasn't the ones I had invited this morning, they were long-time friends of my family. My eyes lifted and I couldn't help but smile as their little girls' eyes met mine. It made my day that more friends would be part of this service.

I've been home for hours now and I keep replaying that service over and over in my mind. So many people minding The Lord this morning, I just don't want to let that go just yet. Again, we failed to meet for Sunday School but that's perfectly fine with me. I can't wait to go back tonight, if The Lord sees fit to place me there.

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