Sunday, October 28, 2012

From the Push

I could tell by his chuckles, The Lord had laid something on his heart. I've grown accustomed to the Spiritual laughter that he spills from time to time. It being a Wednesday night, he sat on the second pew in front of me instead of the usual front-which many refer to as The Preachers' Pew since most that sit there are indeed preachers. He began to Testify and something caught my eye over at the frosted window just on his other side. It was a moth. The darkness outside embraced our little church and I thought about what it must look like from the outside. The warm light must be attractive from out there as it continued to flutter against the cool pane. The man's voice grew and his body and head moved back and forth as the inflection in his words rose. I was thankful I was on the inside, in this light.

This morning our little country church was packed with those eager to Praise and Worship. I suddenly became aware that I was sitting on the second pew, right where the man had sat just days before. The light from outside was so bright it seemed to shine right down where I was sitting. I looked for the moth knowing it wouldn't be there, and it was gone. I could see people fanning their faces as the church grew warmer and warmer. With the sun beaming down on my skin I wondered why I was so comfortable and not filled with heat.

Several people spoke of the two ladies who were in this morning's service, that have both survived breast cancer. One will be speaking to The Angels group at our church Tuesday night and the other, is the wife of the man who chuckles. All of their family and friends had gathered for a walk/run charity event yesterday and it was wonderful to hear about the encouragement they found in each other, within the entire group.

That familiar chuckle began as he shouted out encouragement to those who Testified. His Spiritual laughter grew stronger until he finally stood and admitted, he was about to give up during that race, but someone from behind, placed their hand on his back, and gave him a push. He told us all that every now and then, we need that little push to not give up. As he spoke, the church seemed to brighten with more light but I was sitting in a pleasant chill. My arms filled with goosebumps as he told us his story. Tears were rolling from the cheeks of many. I kept thinking of the moth clinging to the pane, wanting ever last bit of light he could find. I became the moth as I watched and listened today as everyone filled that little church with light, and I wanted every last drop. I found encouragement today, just from the push of another, and I am undeserving, but thankful just the same.

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