Sunday, October 28, 2012

His Story

It's rare The Lord blesses me with two stories from one service, but today, He did just that. For quite some time I've had this on my heart but it wasn't until today that it made complete sense to me. There was a teen that once sat on the pews of my little country church. His family members are very strong individuals and important pieces of our church and graciously share their very touching stories with us from time to time. Often, this teen's name comes up in our services and it's unfortunate that I never had an opportunity to meet him while he was here. He was called Home many years ago but his story is still being told to this very day.

One day, I was at this teen's high school he attended just before his accident. I asked the secretary if she remembered him, and she said "No, doesn't sound familiar. I've only been here a few short years so that was before my time here." I walked to the next office as someone had overheard my conversation and she too had arrived years after his passing. I became quite frustrated as I wanted to prove, he had been there, been here. I saw a stack of yearbooks and began my frantic search to show people, this kid was here, and he has touched many people, I've heard the stories to prove it. A familiar voice entered the room as he sang a hymn under his breath, as he often does during his janitorial duties at the school. He could tell I was desperate to find something and I then asked him if he remembered...

His voice changed and he not only called the teen by name, but called out the names of his parents and even named the night of the week, which he was called Home. I breathed a sigh of relief as finally someone in that room knew his story. I turned the page of the year book in my hands, and there was his picture. It was his tenth grade photo before my eyes and I laid it out on the table for everyone to see. "He was here! See, he was here."

Today after church the teen's mother spoke to me. She was talking about how everyone has a story, and we know they are all different, but the emotions are usually very similar, no matter what the individual story holds. I thought of the ladies who had survived various types of cancer, and I knew they had stories. The Lord gives us trials and He gives us stories. If we never tell our stories, people forget. We could be silencing Praises that He deserves for bringing us through them. A single story could lead someone closer to Him. I looked around the room and I was blessed to have heard stories today...stories of Him.

There was a time when I had no stories to hear. There was a time when I had no stories to tell. There was a time when I forgot how wonderful He really is and I am a Blessed Christian today, because He gives me stories.

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