Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Never be the Same

My right arm kept shaking, as if someone had a hold of it, jerking it around to get my attention. With each and every song I slipped further into a Spiritual awareness that left my body on a pew, in the middle of a worship service while my Spirit could feel His presence. My one arm continued to shake as the tall man stood by his mother, who was seated at the piano. His whole family had been sick the week prior, including his mother and he was worried his voice might not carry the tune to hold the passion of the song...but it did. In fact, I think it was his best song yet. I had to close my eyes during parts of the song just to accept the words.

I could see my husband wipe his eyes as several stood to flood the church with Testimonies, as The Spirit moved around that little country church. Every person I looked at had a drop of silver under their eyes as He Touched on different ones. A tiny teenage girl stood and asked that we begin Fellowship as the next song started. It wasn't long after that another tiny teenage girl was at The Altar, and we witnessed The Miracle of Christ being accepted into her heart...she will never be the same.

The preacher soon stood and felt a need to deliver a sermon. He talked about my children. He began with the fact that some people in our church can't physically see, hear, or feel the way most people can. He went on to discuss that Spiritual void that many people carry around, even to the churches, and I began to drift away in thought. I tried to imagine how it would feel to sit through a Spirit filled service such as this, and just watch without seeing, hear without listening, and touch without feeling...

In my mind, I drifted even farther back to the day my son was born. One of the first things I thought as they handed me a baby full of the uncertain over eleven years ago, was that he would never hear my voice. He would never hear how his great-grandmother's words shook with age as she called us all "Sugar". He would never hear church bells ring or the sound of my favorite songs playing in the car. He would never hear the words "I love you." I thought about the Devotion from Wednesday night about prayers going unanswered, because He has something better...

I took that baby home knowing he couldn't hear me. I told that baby I loved him, knowing he was in silence. I played music for the child with no sound...and he began his life feeling instead of hearing. He would cuddle in my arms and fall asleep as he felt my songs. He smiled at his mother's eyes because he could see and feel my love and nearly four years later, The Lord decided to add a world of sound to that child's life, and to his little sister's life as she followed him into that silent world...

I looked over at both of my children who were glued to the preacher and a tear came to my eye. There they both sat as deaf children, listening to church. It gave me hope for the lost people I know. There are so many that never see the inside of a church and there are so many that have a Spiritual void, but as Christians, we must sing to them anyway. As the tall man once said, "I'll go ahead and claim it, He'll reach down and Touch my children one day," and someday soon, they'll be sitting on one of those pews with silver under their eyes, feeling church, and they'll never be the same.

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