Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Photograph

Pinned to the back wall of our church is an old photograph. The little lady with blue eyes that sits behind me is in it along with some of her children and grandchildren, and many of those that sit among the pews still today. I looked at that picture for a long time before one of her grandchildren announced that he'd be taking a new one this Sunday. I was sad when I walked through the doors this morning and she wasn't well enough to come. She belongs in the picture.

As service began I noticed the pounding of the pianists. I watched the young man, the one who takes pictures, lifting his hands up high to deliberately pound the keys. Another musician was surely pounding just as hard and I thought to myself what a mighty voice she was singing with today. Everyone seemed to be singing with intent and I felt chills run down my right arm and into my leg where they exited as quickly as they had arrived. I became aware of my heart pounding just as strongly as the piano keys and I knew someone would be shouting very soon. The Spirit was moving...

I watched as sinner after sinner knelt at The Altar and I've never seen anything more beautiful as a child crying Mercy...and then witness HIM brushing them with just that. Heads turned and a crystal stream could be seen falling from their eye and everyone seemed to carry a profound strength that I didn't notice when we first arrived. I closed my eyes and thanked HIM for bringing us closer and giving us that strength, even as little as our country church may seem from the outside. I thanked HIM for these Blessings and many more as day after day He gives to me. One after the other stood to Testify and Praises were bringing smiles to our faces though we all appeared to weep. One man was shaking as he too began to shout as the others had seemed to do, and suddenly I took on his tremble. My legs and hands moved about and I had no control, nor did I want any. I thought to myself how Mighty is HE...

As service closed our preacher said the words "Mighty to Save" over and over again as he too felt led to shout. I looked around the room and most of the ladies had wiped away their make-up and the eyes of most were reddened. I felt Blessed to have been seated there this Sunday and I knew the picture would be beautiful. The next photograph would capture us just as we are because that's what HE had intended all along. We worship and praise, we smile and we weep, and to look back many years from now and know what type of service the new photograph followed will warm our hearts each time we see it. With watery eyes and smeared make-up there will be no doubt that we had all been Touched this day. We may all not make it for the next photograph but for this one day, we were brought together for one purpose and His Name was lifted up today. Oh how Mighty is HE.

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