Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Shooting Star

"I've never seen a shooting star," I told my mother on April 1, 1988. We were driving up the hill to our house on the night of my thirteenth birthday and I began to sing softly "Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound..." My eyes drifted up to the dark star filled sky and a streak of light flashed in a downward arch right before me. I'll never forget it.

I had an amazing day work, just me and The Lord. I could never write down fast enough the Blessings He poured onto me. I'm almost triple the age I was that day I saw my first shooting star. I still have the desire to see things I've never seen before. These days, I look for HIM. HE knows exactly how to speak to me, so I'll listen. I can't imagine speaking the language of so many and having to keep up with who needs what, but HE knows.

I thought of my Maw Maw. She's the closest person I've ever known, that is in HIS presence right now. I can rarely think of her without tears these days because in some ways, the more time that passes, the more time I have to miss her...but I try use it for growth ever chance I can. The thought crossed my mind, what if HE gave me one more sentence, what would I say to her?

Tears rolled like a swollen spring after the heaviest pf rains and I knew what that sentence would be. The kids were very small when she died just a few short years ago but they remember her very well. I still had her on my heart when we arrived at church tonight. Several things had already stirred me when I looked over beside me during The Altar prayer to find my daughter leaned over a pew, holding her baby doll down, and they were both "praying". She had awoke this morning telling me of a dream she had in which she was a grandmother. I hung on every word as I had been thinking of my own grandmother so strongly the day before, only she didn't know it. Tears came to my eyes as I knew, she would teach her own real children to pray one day, just as we have taught her. I thought of the one sentence again and I knew HE had more.

I watched as a grandmother took a seat at the piano, with her tiny little granddaughter next to her. They sang "God on the Mountain" and every time the Maw Maw looked back at her daughter's precious child, that baby smiled from ear to ear. On the way home, I spoke my one sentence very softly under my breath, "Thank you for praying for my children." I looked up to the dark sky, and a shooting star streamed down in front of me...and today, was another beautiful day.

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