Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Among the Pews

I arose this morning wearing invisible shades over my eyes as the election chatter fills my world. I had secretly hoped they would be enough to hide me from the negatives. I immediately think of that Devotion a few weeks ago that reminded me we don't always get exactly what we pray for because HE has something better. I sent my husband off to work at a job he now feels could end soon, but as a warrior picks up his sword, he walked out the door with his lunchbox just the same.

My daughter called me and in the dark morning I crawled into bed with her and just held her tight. She had no idea tears were streaming down but for a moment, uncertainty filled my heart. Without even thinking prayer began as an overwhelming worry for my children's future tried to fill me. The tears stopped, and HE reminded me who leads me.

Our morning proceeded without a hitch and the children's voices were comforting and for this day, for this moment, we were going to be fine. My oldest seems to wake each day with church hymns in his head and often sings them as we go about our morning routine. I can only assume one such song had entered his mind as he commented out of the blue, "You are so right Mama. Brook's Sunday School teacher can sing so good!" I immediately felt Blessed as my deaf child told me how much he loved to hear this lady sing good old gospel songs. Could a child born with three ears (not one of them worked), actually be telling me how much he loved to hear her sing? A smile lifted my eyes and I replied, "Yes she does! And there's another one among the pews I want to hear sing. I love it when she sits behind me, she also has a special voice." Without hesitation the child spoke with a confidence that made me proud to be his Mama, "Pray about it. That's what you should do, just pray about it. Can you believe we forgot about church for all those years?" He shook his head in either disbelief or shame that we had cheated ourselves all those years. And just like that, The Lord had given me more...

We have a very Gifted congregation. Some are gifted in Voice, and some are Gifted in Listening, sometimes they are Gifted in both. I am a listener as my voice is often silent inside the church walls. I learned today that being born with enough ears, doesn't make you a listener. God has a plan, He is the time-keeper of all things. Keep praying because even the deaf can hear. Many never have an opportunity to in the physical sense, but when The Spirit moves, HE touches people. They hear, they see, they feel.

I could have missed that little Blessing this morning. I could have overlooked the fact that my child, for the very first time in his life, is telling me to pray. He has learned which direction to lean for help, even for the simplest of needs. There are going to be hard times ahead, no matter what politics tell us. We have to root our children so they know where to go when we can't help them. Just as the sun rose the other morning, I looked out and the sky appeared to display a mountain right outside my window. There had never been a mountain there before but I knew He was telling me, I had challenges ahead that haven't always been there. I am very thankful that He has placed my family in a church where I can find true song among the pews, true praise among the pews and true worship among the pews. I don't deserve it, but He loves me still.

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