Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Glass Sidewalk

The gentle roar of thunder woke me. I lied still and listened to the silent house as rain washed over the old tin roof. It was dark and cool and as I buried deep under the covers I thought about what she said...the lady at the piano.

She was Testifying about being a light to someone in the dark. The thunder roared a little stronger and I was overwhelmed with feeling HE had something to show me. I threw the covers back and I soon found myself sitting at the kitchen table. The blinds were pulled up but I remained in the dark as the steam from my coffee warmed my chin. I could see the sidewalk had turned into glass as water cleansed it from the dirt the world had placed there. I could see a carpet of leaves that once held color but now lie on the ground nearby. I just love the crunch of a Fall walk as we travel their path almost every single day.

The darkest of dark swallowed the land as I awaited the arrival of the sun. I remember a preacher telling us that it's always darkest just before the sun comes up and my eyes drifted to the only light I could see...a single lamp post.

I thought to myself if that light burned out, I would see nothing. There would be no glass sidewalk, there would be no carpet of leaves. Even though those things technically would still be there, what good does it do me, if I can't see them. I noticed how much light that single post gave. In the darkness, in the rain, it reflected from the glass sidewalk and multiplied. I smiled and drank my coffee knowing what HE was showing me. Sometimes it just takes the smallest of lights. HE can take that light and reflect it, so that someone can see, even in the darkness or rain. I am AMAZED and thankful for the cool dark rain this morning!

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  1. That was a good story, I could see everything you were talking about.