Monday, December 17, 2012

HIS Perfection

I kept watching the back door as the crowd walked into our little country church. No matter how many walk through those doors each time they open, HE makes enough room. The pews didn't physically extend and the walls did not swell, but I couldn't keep my eyes off that door as people poured in, looking around the room to find other loved ones they could hopefully sit with. Soon, I saw two people walk in, who told my children they would come see them in the Christmas play. When their little eyes found the two in the audience with me, they couldn't wait to run off the stage and come see our neighbors, whom they had invited the night before...

I was almost certain the church couldn't hold any more than it had at this morning's service, but HE must have led dozens more in this night. It was very wet outside but the only rain brought inside those doors was the droplets that had soaked into the collars of all. I took a deep breath as the music began, and prayed quickly that someone would be as touched watching this, as I had been just observing the practices. I can't count the tears I choked back just watching all the kids and the parents, and other adults who were cast in this year's play, take it seriously and I knew tonight they would perform it under HIS perfection.

After the moving service we had already experienced this morning, I took an easy breath and knew HE had something for us all. I watched as beautiful children filled the stage. A school teacher stood beside them who played their Sunday School teacher in the play, and they just sang. I didn't count them but there were probably about twenty if I had to guess. Their shy but proud eyes versed the song under HIS perfection and children looked out to the crowd of many and smiled directly at parents, at grandparents, at friends and at neighbors. They were safe.

We moved on to the adult play next where a the story of a virgin having The Child of God affected a man who accepted Jesus Christ as his one and only Savior. The actors again performed under HIS perfection. As soon as I heard the words from the song, "as He was dying on a tree...Please forgive me," it began to rain inside. I couldn't catch the droplets fast enough. Everyone was trying to wipe their eyes too, but the rain just poured, and once again, our collars were soaked.

I watched two people pick up the long beautiful piece of wood that holds our tears on Sunday mornings just as it does on Wednesday nights. They placed it down in front as the preacher spoke in closing of the play, and with several verses of song, several sinners knelt raining tears on this particular tree which we use as an altar. One of our visitors decided to hand it all over this night, and under HIS perfection he can now walk outside those doors, face the rain and face the storms because he is safe. It was a very emotional night for most of us, and I am so happy my precious neighbors got to be a part of that. They have been searching for the just the right church for them, and I'm proud they got to see how our little church worships...even at small town Christmas play.

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