Sunday, December 23, 2012

In Their Eyes

Everywhere I looked, HE seemed to be pointing me in the church's direction. My entire day was unplanned and we had nothing on our family list that would prevent my daughter and I from caroling at the local nursing home with many other church members. I had not been inside one of these facilities since my Maw Maw took her last breath in a place like that. I felt like I needed to go, so we did.

I had no intentions of really speaking to the residents. I thought I could get lost in the crowd of singers and not even look them in the eyes, so I could selfishly leave there just as I had walked in. I was very wrong and HE knew all along that HE put me there, so that I would look directly into the eyes I wanted to avoid.

The children were all leading us down the halls along with Santa, and we followed with our song books in hand. I was at the back of the pack, next to of the nicest ladies I've ever met. She didn't pass a door without sticking her head inside, and smiling at the people and telling them Merry Christmas. I stood behind her for a while as she did this from door to door and soon I came to a door with a sweet little lady peering at me. I looked for the nicest lady I've ever met and she wasn't with me anymore. Song burst from the hallway and it sounded so beautiful and my feet took me inside her room. My heart pounded as her eyes smiled so thankfully as I walked closer to her bed. She spoke so softly I had to get closer to her and courage took me to her bedside. She whispered Thank You. I smiled into her eyes and she smiled into my heart. I could only utter the words from the nicest lady I've ever met "Merry Christmas."

As the songs took us down each and every hall, I waved as I passed some rooms, some doors drew me inside, to look in their eyes. As we sang our last few songs, an elderly man sat in his wheelchair, and he fought back tears as the verses rang loud and clear. A daughter gave thanks to us as her mother sat in a room listening to the choir in the hall. I too, fought back tears as HE kept showing me the touched man's eyes. I saw a man who once walked. I saw a face that stood before many hardships. I saw the eyes that have looked upon death many times before. The Lord held our choir there for several minutes and in the pause, I couldn't take my eyes off of his. I began to see other things. I saw a man who has seen beauty that was only meant for him to see. I saw a man who was given great love deep into his heart where he held on to it, when that's all he may have left.

We eventually left that hall and we sang our way back to where we entered. Another gentleman sat in his wheelchair and sang the words with us. It felt good. I had no idea that HE had planned that all along for us. I walked out of there ashamed I had entered so selfishly. But HE gave to me anyway knowing that deep down, I had shown up for something...and in their eyes HE gave it to me.

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