Monday, December 31, 2012

Past the Pane

I awoke wearing the same smile I slept with. I couldn't wait for my feet to touch the ground and see what HE held for me this day. Yesterday had been amazing, two wonderful services back to back. The old floor creaked as I left slumber behind and approached daybreak. I found myself standing in front of the window that introduces me to each morning. The sound of blinds lifting placed a pure clean breath into my lungs and a tear came to my eye as I knew HE was there for me. I could see the condensation covering the window and I walked away. I thought of the windows of the church last night, they too were fogged by the coolness outside, and the warmth within HIS house. Having been reminded last night that it does us good every now and then to get down on our knees and just pray, I knew, that is how I wanted to begin this day.

My head lifted from the carpet and a smile is all I could offer HIM as my feet took me back to that window. I sat down knowing HE had more to show me, even though the glass was cloudy everywhere except right where my eyes were cast. The beauty consumed me for a moment as I continued to reflect on the day before. I thought of her as she Testified from her seat, rather the piano bench she often occupied..."...the difference is The Son."

In that instant the sun, which had not even fully risen yet, shone through a cluster of clouds. I saw a face with something on his head. I tried to make it out as the words "the difference is The Son," spoke to me again. As I looked past the pane I saw clearly a man's face, with a crown of thorns atop His head. Tears filled my eyes, as I knew The Son had in fact already risen. I knew that there may not be anyone else on this earth that could see what I was looking at, yet I was special enough to HIM, that the Spiritual blinders were lifted this day, I could see past life's pain, and see that the sun still shines...the Son still shines. Just as my heart began to fill, the pane began to clear. Tears ran down it just as fast they ran from my eyes. I looked for the face again, and it was still there, only something was different. The thorns appeared to have been removed from the crown. 

HE has already given me beyond what I deserve and I'm honored to have spent a little time with HIM this morning. I pray HE keeps me in Spirit all day long as we say goodbye to this year, and begin another one. I am thankful that HE has risen and helps me look past the foggy panes, directly in HIS direction. I am Blessed this morning!

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