Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Power

A single tear pooled just below my eye. It stayed there for a while as a reminder of the tiring trials of my day before it slowly ran down to my pillow. The peaceful silence of the house welcomed the loud echo of its fall as I thanked HIM for washing away the sins I may have held within. I smiled as I thought of how hard the devil tried this day, to keep me from a powerful service, I needed.

Just the day before my child had come to me with a problem just as he was about to start his day at school. I always try to tell my kids each day as we pull into the parking lot to be extra kind to someone today, there's always someone who needs a friend today. As he sought specific advice this morning, I pictured my Bible as I began to speak. It was closed and I could see no specific verse unfortunately, but I knew the answer was inside. I gave him this... "You boys have so much power and you don't realize it. The devil will pull and pull at you hoping you'll make poor decisions but you need to remember, you are to be fed of God and not the devil. You have the power to make the devil stronger and happier, or you the power to please The Lord, and do what is right. The other boys are watching you, just as you are watching them...use that power to show them the right, and not the wrong."

I'm sure I have failed to follow that advice since I spoke it, but I'm thankful HE is there to help. Every time I turned around this day it was as if the devil was throwing down concrete barriers in front of me, hoping I would give up before the church service started. In fact, my determination grew stronger with each one I conquered in hopes to just to sit on that pew. When I finally made it there, tears came with ease but I didn't feel like I was crying. We sang. The pews were packed full on the single side of the church used on Wednesday nights and I felt so proud HE had placed me there. I soon was released from the awareness of anyone else being there, I felt like it was just me and The Lord, though I could see and hear everything going on around me.

The preacher spoke and gave a very enthusiastic sermon on none other than The Power. He soon invited the weak and the sinful crowd to visit The Altar, and I had no intentions of going, but my feet moved anyway. From every direction I could hear their voices asking for The Power to be a light and an influence to someone in the dark and then my vision blurred from my crying eyes of this weakened child of HIS. I could only hear my voice and I could feel HIM near me as HE listened. That familiar warmth and comfort consumed me. As I rose to my feet to go back to my pew, I had to step around a tiny little five year old who was on her knees, with her head buried in the carpet. She must have heard about The Power too, and was seeking more of it. I am Blessed this day, and everyday, that I have been placed in that little country church. HE knew I needed to be there, and I'm thankful for The Power HE gives HIS children, and I hope to use it with the might and strength only HE can provide.

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