Thursday, December 27, 2012

What We Do

I could hear the tall man's voice as he sat two pews in front of me this night. It usually comes from the back of the church but our little country church has grown and The Lord is busy shuffling people around as HE shows them different things. The tall man was given a very strong and pleasing voice that can ring powerfully throughout the church, yet lay softly next to the ears. I wondered why he sang with such might each and every time he came. I wondered if he ever felt like not singing and I knew he had to sometimes, he is human, but I've always known him to sing anyway, and I wondered why. I immediately was given the answer when the sound of a missing voice rang silently from behind me....because that is what they do. I realized his parents were missing this night, but time after time, they've all walked through the glass doors of our church, sat on a pew, and sang. I looked down the pew of where the tall man sat. His arm was placed loving around his wife, and three beautiful boys sat side by side, clinging to Bibles and hymn books...and I knew that one day when they had families of their own, they too would sing loud and proud, because this is what they know.

A nervous man walked to the front of the church as it fell in his lot to give the night's Devotion. He asked if we could hear his knees knocking and I knew how he felt. One by one, a member of the congregation is chosen what may seem like random to some, to present a short Devotion to the crowd. We all know that these are opportunities HE presents us with, to share and play a small part in a service, and give a little Praise back to HIM. Often those chosen for Devotion are hand picked by HIM, to relay a message directly to someone sitting on the pews with attentive ears. This night was no different. The Lord brought this big strong man to admit weakness and failure, but Praise HIM for never forsaken. "...for the LORD thy God, he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee." Deuteronomy 31:6  I knew the big strong man had used every word in that verse to walk up there with his Bible clinched in his hand. He did his part, through knocking knees, and I found encouragement in that.

As service almost began, the preacher was suddenly sent back to his pew as two little girls had a song they needed to sing. The sisters walked up to the mics and their voices began,
"Sometimes I wake up in the morning
I see I made it through the night
I listen for my family -- sure enough they're alright
As we gather round the table
Bow our heads in thankfulness
With tear-filled eyes my heart cries 'still blessed' "
I found myself, along with many others seated near me, wiping tears and smiling at the same time. I heard shouts of encouragement as their song progressed and my heart was filling with every single word. I knew why these two sang. I looked down my pew at their parents. Their Mama attempted to blot away the swell of tears that flowed and their Daddy's lips silently moved along with their's, with each and every word. I knew they sang, because that is what they do. I was thankful that these parents were showing their kids that Wednesday night was church night, just as it is on Sundays.

In this world we live in today, the devil's hold on so many is apparent with every turn. There are still attempts made everyday to drag me down into a world of suffer but I'm thankful I have glass doors that still open on a bitter cold Wednesday night. We all can't meet every single time, we are mere humans but personally I am one sinner, that needs church as routine. I am very thankful HE has given me the ability to recognize this need and HE has provided me a way to meet that need. I looked back at my child who sat several pews away with friends, and I was thankful that this is what we do.

The preacher finally stood and wouldn't you know, his message went right along with what The Lord was giving me at that very moment. The Routine. He talked about the routine of Christmas and the routine of after Christmas. I thought of our routines at home and how just showing up to worship on certain days of the week, certain hours of the day, was never enough. Keeping a routine at our house of reading Devotions, prayer and discussions of The Bible and Jesus, is what we need in my home, when we are away from church. We try to do this now, but I can see that what we do, is what they will do. I want to provide my children, given to me from above, a routine of Spiritual growth. I don't normally make resolutions for the beginning of each year so I'll close this year with this on my heart...and claim that what we do will help us grow today, tomorrow and thereafter.

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