Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Heart of The Altar

"I can't wait until tonight's service," are the actual words I spoke as the road led us to church this Sunday morning. I hadn't even spotted the steeple yet, and already I wanted more. The parking lot was half full as eager Christians made their way into HIS house this common day of worship.

I shook the hand that was outstretched in my direction. A certain amount of excitement could be seen on his face as he walked around greeting those who occupied the pews. The bright blue shirt upon his back was no match for the gleam that brightened with each hand he shook. I saw a man sitting on the front row and he looked as though he was praying, or perhaps just lost in thought. I felt a love as this brother held that space on the pew. My eyes drifted to the young teenager behind him. His innocent eyes looked around the room as his large family of grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles flooded in, to find their seats. In Spirit, he too is my brother, and I could feel love for him as well. I spoke few words and one after the other made their way inside our little country church. I didn't even turn around to see who was there, I could feel them, and my heart loved them too.

It only took minutes into the service for the proud to stand. One after the other, those who Testify stood and claimed Victories already won, over battles fought daily. My heart heard many weeping behind me, and strangely, tears poured from only one side of me. Though I held my head up, part of me collapsed each time I thought of HOME. Warmth continued to run down the right side of my face while a smile held my head up from the left. Each song heard, each voice that spoke, each heart that felt, an overwhelming sense of love filled that room. HE was stirring and soon I found myself at The Altar with my hand upon her back. I could feel her heart beating and I was thanking God for giving her that beat. She could have already been an Angel by now but HE left her here as my friend, and I felt love for her too. Each beat of her heart felt stronger and more profound than the one before. The Altar felt many hands, many tears, and many hearts this day. There's a growth we all can achieve as each sincere prayer was answered.

The only words spoken on the ride home from church was from our son, "That was a really good service, wasn't it." Our reddened eyes drove us home and again all I can say is, "I can't wait for tonight's service." I love my little country church but most of all I love The One that placed us there...always Blessed, always Blessed.

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