Sunday, January 20, 2013

Where the Shadow Falls

As I ironed shirts that would be placed on the backs of my husband and son, I wondered if I was headed in for a scolding from HIM. I knew I had to face whatever consequences HE held for me as another week went by without me finishing what HE has asked of me.

I walked in that old church-house prepared for whatever HE saw fit for me this day. As the room filled and the hymns began, I could tell HE still loved me. One after the other, Blessings were pouring in every direction and I could hardly keep up. As a mother stood next to her son, joined in the song "Do You Know How it Feels", I could no longer hold back tears that wanted to flow. The sun lit their backs from the windows behind them, but The Son lit their faces even brighter, which cast shadows on the wall next to them. I watched those shadows as they sang with perfection only HIS gift could bring and I knew that there was a time when her shadow fell higher than his did. He has grown children of his own and his stood much taller than his mother's now, but I knew there was a time, his shadow fell short. I smiled as I knew what HE was telling me...I know how it feels to be a child of The King, and I know I'm alright when I lay my head on my pillow each night. I fall short often but HE keeps erecting my Spirit higher and higher no matter how short my shadow falls.

She spoke my heart when I couldn't. She told of how glad she was to be in that room, and how she understood why HE could only give us a tiny portion of what Heaven will be like because our flesh wouldn't be able to withstand the jubilee HE holds for us one sweet day. Three men stood near the piano and I couldn't wait for my ears to hear their voices. I fully expected them to sing with a thousand voices but just as they began, HE gave me more than my expectations could predict. The totally different voices blended as one and no matter how hard I tried to hear them as individuals, for the entire song, they were as one.

Two little girls soon sang, again with all the perfection only HIS gift can bring and by the end of all the music and Praises, I could hear myself shouting even though my voice was stricken with silence. I heard a voice cry out from the other side of the church and there stood a tiny little teenage girl with her hands raised in praise. My heart was consumed with love for HIM as HE placed me on that pew for a reason.

It wasn't long when the pastor stood and my friend and her family walked up to the front, asking to join as members. I felt the warmth of the droplets that had formed riverbeds in my makeup by now but I didn't even care. He held his daughter with one hand and gave The Lord his other as it lifted in the air. He closed his eyes in prayer and thanked The Lord. As soon as his hand came down, his wife's went up. I looked over at the piano as the song continued and the tall man singing closed his eyes too, and I watched him thank The Lord as well.

I am very honored that HE continues to give to me, and our entire little country church. There is nothing like it that I've ever seen and I am Blessed HE has chosen my family to sit among the gifted of those four walls. I must do what is asked of me, HIS perfection will see me through. If I must sit in silence until I finish, so be it. I can no longer tell HIM no. He's never reached for me with an empty hand and I have no right to keep offering HIM only that. I must give HIM my best, and HE will show me the way. I don't want to slump my shadow when HE lights me. I deserved a scolding today, but HE had better plans for me, and I am so glad HE did.

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