Monday, February 4, 2013

The Meeting

A smile painted across my face as I awoke once more, to find my beloved Sunday morning. I made my way quietly through the house, careful not to wake anyone else in the tribe. I sat in the dark, almost alone, where HE could feel my heart. I closed my eyes and just HIM.

A tear came to my eye as I lifted my head, and knew my invitation had been sent. I had prayed for my Brothers and Sisters of the church, hoping they too, would all open their invitations this crisp February morning and attend The Meeting. We only needed our flesh to open those glass doors of that old country church but we needed HIS blood to feel what awaited on the other side of them.

It didn't take long until we had placed our aging bodies upon that pew and as I quietly looked around, I knew they had all walked in expecting something. A mighty group of sinners sat as individuals, but there was one single reason, we soon became one. The piano softened the air and voices joined. A chorus of Believers rang loud in glorious harmony and I could feel the chill.

The Altar became a sea of people with waves of sin, worry and heartache washing away. Those who never speak, spoke. Children sang louder than we did, and The Lord gave to us all. Though we were a body of one at that very moment, HE knew us still, as individuals.

I wasn't sure how much this simple flesh could take in this one Meeting, when HE took over. I could hear without listening, I could see without looking, I could feel without moving, and my heart beat on...

None of us knew that this was only the beginning of what HE would do for us this day. We all left with reddened eyes back to our cars, our families, our houses for just a little while. HE had already sent out invitations to come back to HIS House the same evening, and I am so glad I accepted mine.

The room seemed as full after darkness had fallen as it had been when the sun rose high above our little country church. The feel of that room had not changed since I left it. I could feel the breath of the first song, it was that close. There was no effort behind the tears that began to flood around me. Again, many stricken with challenges, heartache and worry stood to tell how great HE is. I heard softened voices and I was certain Angels came down to sing. I knew The Lord was strengthening His Church. HE could have left The Meeting alone as it had ended this morning, but HE gave us more.

The preacher finally stood in front of the church. That alone was something he couldn't do on his own this morning. Spiritual exhaustion had weakened his legs but this night, he stood tall and asked if anyone wanted to join the church. From the other side of the room, a beautiful little teenager walked to the front and stood in front of her Daddy. Tears rolled down her cheeks and they burst from mine. Her brother and Mother walked up and stood by her side and our Preacher stepped down and hugged them all. The family who has given so much to us, wanted their hearts to stay. They each spoke with broken words as His loved poured from their eyes, but their hearts were as one...and HE honored that.

The unexpected revival at our little country church was exactly what we wanted, and what we needed. We often have Spirit-filled services but if you were on a pew this day, inside those four walls, you know what a Giving God we have. We ask for a little taste of Heaven sometimes, and HE gives us as much as our flesh can stand. Thank you Lord for the invitation to The Meeting, I am so glad I accepted!

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