Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Sound of Silence

I expected something big. I found myself alone for a change and I wanted to walk outside and see what HE had for me today. I could see my children everywhere, though they weren't home. Old hot wheels that have long been buried in the earth from forgetful play could be seen peeking over the soil that has washed away from the rain. An old hairbrush lied next to the rabbit cages where my daughter had groomed her beloved pets. The noise of nature surrounded me as I walked on...

I was drawn to the cane. A large arching trail cut right the center of it looked beautiful as the thick bamboo invited me closer. It was a lovely spot and my children had made it special. I stood still and smiled for a while until the dreary clouds parted and allowed the sun to warm my back. It felt so good and I knew HE was there.

I continued walking around the property picking up tiny pine cones to just feel the prickling of their skin. I had to stop and feel the bark of a tree I just couldn't pass without my palm gracing the soft of the moss. I looked at everything, careful not to miss the big.

I had finally made my way out to the old cabin's porch. The smell of a weekend burn still permeated in the ashes of the fire pit. I looked around as I awaited my big from The Lord. I talked to HIM briefly with my eyes wide open and I knew he would answer the prayer of "Show me Lord."

Drops of rain began to fall on the old tin roof but it was like nothing I've ever heard before. They sounded heavy and slow and I could almost hear them echo in the deep silence in which I sat.
They got heavier and slower. A plump bird with its thick breast on display, called out but the silence was undisturbed. He took flight and I could hear his wings flap as wind sheared each feather. I turned my head slowly back and forth knowing the big was on its way.

I became thirsty and my mouth went dry and I said under my breath, "Forgive me, for I'm still thirsty" and a tear came to my eye. The silence pounded but it felt so good to hear it. The smell of fresh cut pecan and walnut trees caressed me as the wind carried their scent over from the wood pile. I sat quietly and took in every little drop HE gave me and soon, I didn't thirst anymore. I smiled the whole walk home knowing how BIG, that little was.

Today, my world slowed down. I felt the cool of the wind and the warm of the sun. I heard the beautiful sound of silence. I was in need, and HE supplied me. I am thankful today, that even when I look for the BIG, HE knows it's the little that I really need. Blessed to be HIS today!

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