Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Might of the Wind

I looked up at the old cabin. I knew I would sit on that front porch very soon no matter how dark the clouds looked. I needed my time alone with HIM, and I couldn't wait.

With coffee in hand, walked up the steep hill until my feet met the wooden floor. I could barely hear anything. The wind was awfully mighty but I sat in a chair facing the beautiful landscape. After settling in my seat, birds gathered on the ground around the old cabin. I watched, unnoticed by them, and I dropped my head in prayer. I could no longer hear the wind, so I lifted my words out loud just to hear how they sounded to this everyday sinner. I told HIM who I really was and asked for what I needed. As I lifted my head, still unnoticed by the birds, I smiled and looked around at the darkened sky. Rain clouds covered the sun but I knew it was still there, despite what little evidence many would see today. The birds took flight, and I wondered where they had gone.

I assured The Lord that if He gave it, believers would believe. If He spoke it, believers would hear and if He sent it, believers would feel. The sun popped out for a few seconds and shown directly in my eyes so bright that I dared not turn away but a tear swelled from my eye. The roof of the old cabin began to shake and pop so loud in the wind, but I never felt it on my skin. I watched the stillness of the trees around me and knew they should be shaking in the might of the wind but they were held tightly in place. I grimaced in the loud of the tin bending but knew I was safe despite all of the noise.

It soon calmed once again and I dared not move. Two flocks of birds lifted from the bright green field in front of my eyes and crossed paths as they flew in different directions and I couldn't take my eyes off of them. From one of the divisions I saw a single bird part. His wings took him to the nearest tree where three from his flock followed. His voice burst loud and it was the purest tone I've ever heard from a bird. My ears perked in amazement at the volume this feathered fowl could release behind that beak. Within seconds, the rest of his flock came flying in and they sat perched next to his song. Just as I thought his song would run out upon their arrival, he cut through the wind with that perfect tune and one from the other group came flying in, holding still under that big bare tree. I didn't think he could get any louder but he proved me wrong and he sliced the thin country air with another beautiful carol as he kept calling them in, one by one. Birds were coming in from every direction just to hear him sing and I sat with tears rolling down my face at the sight of them all. The sun popped out yet again and they all sat facing the sun, despite the harsh wind that now shook the limbs from which they perched.

I knew He was showing me that sometimes we have to sit through the wind, to get a glimpse of the sun but even if we only get a few seconds, it will be worth the harsh wait. I sat for a while longer as my chest felt like it was lifting without any effort from me, as if being pulled upward and I knew who was giving me breath on this day and I thanked HIM again. I stepped off that old porch and was met with the blister of the wind that hadn't touched me the whole time I was taking HIM in. I hope that HE sees fit in me, to stop and sing a song ever once in a while, no matter how dark and cloudy it may be, even if the flock is going in another direction. I want to be the bird that stops and Praises Him no matter the conditions, no matter the weather, because HE has a sun for us...he had The Son for us.

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