Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cawing of the Crows

I stepped quickly with every intent of listening to The Lord this morning. Up the hill I walked until I reached the old cabin's front porch. The air was clear and the sun shown brightly onto everything my eyes peered upon. I was surrounded by the prettiest music a band of songbirds could play but something kept distracting me. Over beyond, just out of my sight, I heard the cawing of the crows. Their sound wasn't as pretty as the songbirds which surrounded me, but for some reason, my attention kept arriving on the clutter of noise in the trees beyond the field rather than what I had intentionally surrounded myself with.

I began to pray with my eyes wide open and never could bring myself to say "Amen." I left that dialogue open and perked my ears and darted my eyes so I wouldn't miss a thing. The cawing of the crows grew louder but so did the songbirds that enclosed the cabin's porch as they watched to see to whom I would listen. A loud flutter of wings pelted the country morning. Dozens of black crows lifted into the air and they were gone. They no longer had anyone to squawk for.

My eyes fell onto the field that was covered with a thick blanket of green just days before. It was stricken with brown death which I had noted the evening before. I thought about the answer my husband had fed me when I questioned the lost beauty of that field. He said that the farmer killed the weeds. I now sat on the old wooden porch and gazed at the field. I could feel HIM speaking to me as a sudden soft overwhelm raced my heartbeat faster. I had just heard a preacher on the radio speaking of false teachers and how we can let ourselves get conditioned to accepting that which they teach. If we see it over and over how our friends accept the wrong, we can become hardened over time and believe the false teachings aren't so bad after all, and that is wrong.

I thought of the cawing of the crows. I didn't like what they had to say but still, there were so many and they were just so loud, they got my attention anyway. Often it's that way in life. Many will hop on a wagon because they see their friends encouraging the ride, but it doesn't make it right.

I looked around at the brown field which brought me to my feet. How deceived I felt now that I know it was full of weeds. It had been so green and from a distance the weeds blended with the grass so well. They didn't deceive the farmer though, for he had walked into that field. He reached down with his own hands and knew something was wrong. He looked closely with his eyes and he could see some were not like the others. He took action to save the field and I could now see it was almost too late. Thin blades sparsely scattered, stood erect and young. The prettiest shade of tender green would soon cover the brown with the right encouragement.

False teachers are among us, walking in our fields, cawing from the trees. How easy they can deceive. I have a stronger desire to arm myself with the shield of The Bible and a tongue bladed only with His Truth. I have a desire to seek only the teachings of those cloaked with His Blood who are also shielded with The Bible and sworded with a tongue of Truth. I am Blessed this morning HE took time out to show me.

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