Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Into the Rain

I awoke asking for HIS help, and HE provided immediately, I just didn't know it yet. I raced through my morning with the words to a familiar song ringing loudly, "...the battle's not mine, said Little David..." I suppressed the song as best I could as I greeted people along the morning's way only to find it ringing louder than before with each step forward. I knew HE was working on something, and I needed to collect the pieces to finish the custom puzzle handcrafted just for me. People expect certain things from me, and right now, they're standing everywhere in need...only I can't do it alone, so I sang on, "...the battle's not mine, Lord it's Thine."

I went home and studied David and Goliath (again) to see if I could find something, though I knew not what I was looking for. I kept studying the words Faith vs. Pride. I looked at the size of Goliath's pride and despite the size of it (and him), they were no match for Little David's Faith and Trust in The Lord. I continued to sing the song all day and awaited my next clue.

The sky outside clouded and I knew the rain was coming. It didn't take long before I had decided the rain was just enough to stop me from attaining a seat under the steeple tonight. I originally wanted to go church, but I was surprised by the growth the excuse of rain had in a matter of minutes. I soon found myself go. I pictured myself on that pew singing and then watching someone give Devotion, watching people stand and then listening to our preacher. I knew I wasn't like David. I have grabbed too many stones and none of them are the right I prayed, and again, HE provided.

I soon found myself driving down the road, headed for our evening service. The rain had slowed to a mere drizzle and I noticed the green. I had almost forgotten how bright, how fresh, how beautiful and crisp everything looks after a Springtime shower, and I thanked HIM as I pulled into the parking lot.

After the songs had been sung, a man walked up to the front of the church and placed his Bible down. He happens to be my Sunday School teacher and his Devotion was on Pride. I looked down at my Bible shocked that I'm hearing similar content that The Lord has placed on me this very same day...apparently I needed this. The Sunday School teacher asked for us to speak up if we had something to share about what The Lord has done for us this week. Immediately the channels in my head started changing really fast. There were so many things to look at, I couldn't slow my mind down long enough to watch any of it.

I listened to the preacher talk about Pride and daily temptations and struggles. I thought about the rain, and how pretty everything was today. I knew that if it hadn't rained, the view would have been ordinary. After church was over, I was ashamed that I had almost let the rain stop me from coming to church.

As miles fell behind, putting me farther from church and closer to my house, I thought of how fast life is moving right now. I smiled knowing tomorrow will be slower because I went into the rain. I knew I would take time to laugh tomorrow because I had went into the rain. I knew that I would recognize HIM tomorrow because I went...

I couldn't help but thank HIM for putting me into this rain because I didn't go there on my own, I couldn't. It feels like with so many obstacles my family has faced this past week, we have really been standing in the rain for a while now...and I thanked HIM for that too. I knew that I could now see the green because we've walked through rain, as I choose to stand in it no more.

I still don't have this full puzzle put together, and I imagine He has more to show me, but I'm dropping my stones, one by one for I have too many. I only need one, and Faith will walk me into the rain, and Faith will walk me out of the rain.

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