Monday, April 8, 2013

Left Behind

After a really great Revival this past week, I couldn't wait to get to church on Sunday. It didn't take long for us all to get carried away in Spirit and Worship broke out rather quickly, even though I brought in my burdens and sat them on the bench with me. These weren't the kind of burdens I wanted to take to The Altar and rid myself of...they were burdens I should have been carrying a long time ago.

In our little communities, more than one car accident had claimed the lives of several young people this weekend. Two teens that left this world had actually sat under the sound of my voice as high school students when I had the honor of filling in for their teachers. As soon as I heard the news, I felt a huge burden for all of the other children, the families, the ones left behind. Another accident claimed the lives of two young men. One was about to be a father for the third time, and one left actual video Testimonies about what God has done for him. I was thankful to hear they were Home now, but those left behind were weighing on me heavily.

I felt The Spirit moving in that morning service and I left there knowing HE wanted me to keep those burdens. I sat in the warm sun all afternoon reflecting on the services past, and praying. One statement made in Revival kept standing out, "If you don't have a Testimony, The Lord can give you a Testimony." I thought about all those families affected by the accidents this weekend, and knew HE was speaking to some of them now, and being recognized for it. I just prayed that the rest of those left behind would listen to HIM too.

I let a couple of small afternoon disappointments rob me of my joy. As I drove back to the evening service my head was hanging low despite all HE had given me. I shamefully sat on a pew in hopes that the preacher had the answer I needed. I looked around and once again was disappointed that so little had shown up this evening, but apparently, this was my day to feel selfish. I thought a good stern preaching would probably fix what ails me but I soon would hear the words, "I'm not gonna preach tonight." My heart sank as I began to wonder why I kept finding disappointment on this day when I needed inspiration, when I needed a swift kick in the right direction. As his voice broke, he wiped away tears and told us that we didn't have to participate if we didn't want to, but we were to go down each pew, and speak of the day of our Salvation.

I was almost in shock but smiling at the same time because HE knew exactly what I needed to hear. On this day, it wasn't words from the preacher, it wasn't songs from the hymnal, it was the breath of my fellow Brothers and Sisters. Mothers & fathers, grandparents and children went back in time, and spoke of that day, that night, that moment when they fully surrendered. I sat crying and listening to each and every story of the most beautiful day of their lives. I spoke of my day when my best friend took me by the hand and knelt beside me. I had hoped she could do it for me, but she told me I had to do it myself. We were at my childhood home, in a bathroom that echoed my words when The Lord entered my heart to remain forevermore.

I went home and cried some more knowing I already had what I needed most. I was inspired and I left there knowing that HE has given me a Testimony for a reason. The best way we can help those left behind is to use it. Whether those left behind are grieving for the loved ones lost this weekend, or maybe those we will one day have to leave behind...there is love in a Testimony, there is truth in a Testimony and most of all, you'll never find disappointment in a Testimony. I'm feeling awfully Blessed once again to know that HE gives me what I need, when I need it.

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