Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Sound of HIS Ring

I almost didn't answer the call to teach because my plan was to stay at home on this first day of April, this first day of my 38th year, this first day of Revival at our little country church. I wanted to be prayed up, I wanted to be where I needed to be Spiritually before I walked back through those glass doors to claim a spot on one of those old pews. I had a difficult choice to make here. I stood over the phone and listen to it ring, and I knew I had to answer. I knew HIS plan was bigger, HIS plan was better, HIS plan was where I needed to tread upon. On the other end of the line was high school teacher who told me the essentials and that I would need to just "muddle through" her Bible study activity period I would have mid-day and I could only smile as HIS plan began to unfold right before my eyes...

I rushed through my morning only to watch the clock as teens came in and out of my classroom. An old white dingy Bible sat on her desk and I gently pulled on the fragile gold painted zipper and opened The Book. I began reading Genesis chapter 23 silently which was about where I had left off at home. I must have read several chapters before I heard the bell ring and I knew it was time.

I watched the door knowing that I would soon be disappointed at the low number of children who would walk through that door but I figured there had to be three or four that would choose The Bible over archery or some of the other selections so my heart pounded as I waited for them.

Two walked in and found a seat, and another rushed in too. One minute until the late bell rang and I opened The Bible to Hebrews, which is what they were to study. I heard voices, and several walked in together and there must have been seven in the room already. I smiled at their young faces expecting to see a hardening from their teenage eyes but I saw no such thing. Thirty seconds until the bell would ring and I counted as more walked in, HE had sent me twelve. I was very pleased that this many had chosen to come and before that bell could ring, almost every seat was full. Seventeen teenagers came to study The Bible.

We reviewed, we read farther into the scriptures, and they listened. More than one spoke, and more than one answered my questions and every time I looked across that room, all of their eyes were on me. We only had thirty-seven minutes together but it did my heart good to witness a room fill up with children who are pressed with burdens, who are living tough times, who know sin and recognize it, but strive to live under HIS Word. I almost didn't answer that call, and I'm glad I knew the sound of HIS ring because what a Blessing I received on this first day, and I hadn't even made to church yet...

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