Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Stir

I knew HE had something for me, all I needed to do was reach out and claim it. I saw one child off to VBS and I, along with my coffee, took a seat on the old cabin's porch. A chill rose beneath my skin and I looked out across the land. The morning sun lit my face and the heat was only tolerable. It only took moments for my flesh to become uncomfortable I was looking for shade or even a shadow to run behind.

As my head turned in every direction, looking for the cool, the comfortable, the wind began to blow. A gentle breeze twisted blades of grass and I could see every green, every yellow hue that clung to the ground from which it was rooted. The pear tree that is so covered with fruit, we've actually had to prop up every limb to keep them from dragging, blushed with the faintest red as the light current approached its leaves. I was very aware that the trees just beyond didn't move, only the ones around me. The warm still pierced my skin and I wanted to be inside the stir, I wanted to feel it but sitting within that still, I felt nothing on the outside of the flesh and I felt like an outsider within just watching, and wanting. HE was getting louder and louder. I could hear it, I could see it, and in Spirit I began to feel it, but my flesh still wanted to feel so I moved out into it.

I smiled up at the blue sky and wondered if that's how people felt who sit through worship services and never truly worship. I wondered if they could see it, and hear it, and want it, but just never be willing to move  out of their own way for it. I felt cold wet grass against my ankles. The air was clean and filled my lungs all the way up. I could almost hear the leaves twinkle as if HE had purposely played them like a wind chime, just for me. I am Blessed this morning, thanking HIM for a stir.

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