Thursday, June 6, 2013

In the Clearing

I could hear the words, "I claim the blood Jesus shed on Calvary..." before my eyes even opened. I knew by the darkness it was still early, but I couldn't wait to see what HE had for me. I quickly thanked HIM for another day and my feet soon felt the cool wooden floor beneath them. I went straight to the window where I look for the sun every single morning and I could see a dim light behind a thick layer of fog. I felt a sense of urgency to get out to the old cabin to watch the sun rise so I kept singing the song over and over and within minutes, I heard the screen door slam shut behind me.

Wet blades of grass graced my ankles as cool damp air filled my lungs. I could smell the wooden planks which covered the shell of the old cabin and I sat just watching the sun. The remaining drops from last night's rain fell slow and heavy from the edges of the tin roof. I heard her voice singing...the lady from church who sat behind the piano last night. Her unique voice was a gift to our little country church and I was Blessed with hearing it one more time.

Physically I still sat on the cabin's porch but Spiritually, HE has brought me back to the Wednesday night church service where someone near me requested a song. I watched my Sunday School teacher walk up with a microphone clinched in his hand. The lady behind the piano began to play and her voice moved around me. I could feel my heart beat deep and loud within, as the Sunday School teacher just stood there. The piano player kept singing the words, "Thank you....." Emotion poured from the man who could not sing and he could have sat down at any time, but he didn't. He just stood. He didn't have to say a word, his tears spoke loudly. We all found ourselves watching behind blurred visions as salty water filled our eyes. I kept wondering if he would give up and walk back to his seat, but he stood there...receiving every single word, and that was powerful.

I was Blessed to be able to sit on the old wooden porch and hear the sermon in its entirety once again. I thought about being sin-sick and how contagious that can be, just like our preacher spoke of last night. I knew that to be true. I heard trembling voices from parents thanking The Lord for His Blessings and I looked up at the young man in front of me. I couldn't see his face at that moment but I knew it displayed wounds, healing from the car accident that could have easily been a lot worse. My stomach quaked as the parents spoke and I felt their heartfelt words. They didn't have to say much and I found myself with blurring vision again at how powerful their thank you was.

I could hear the thump of the rain droplets as they hit the ground as if they weighed a hundred pounds and I lifted my head back up to the sun. I now sat in the clearing. I looked around and fog was still surrounding me but the sun peaked out from behind a tree. Fog still caressed the fields and the trees, but where I sat, it was perfectly clear. The prettiest rays lit various areas of the landscape in front of me and I smiled as I received my morning Blessings.

The cool damp air had warmed a bit and was welcomed upon my skin. As it soaked into me, I thanked HIM for everything HE'S given me to see, to touch, to hear and most of all feel. I sat in the clearing this morning, and it felt good. All I could offer was a meek thank you, but I knew the power in those two words.

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