Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Steady

The voice of my oldest child said, "Look Mama! Look who's here!" I looked behind me and I could see her, the blue-eyed lady. She is either the mother, the grandmother or the great-grandmother of about half the people in our little country church. I wasn't sure I'd ever get to attend a worship service with her again, but HE knew I would. I love those unexpected Blessings.

I could hear her confident voice a couple of times during the service speak out small concurrences when others stood to Testify and I forgot how much I had missed that. We sang a few songs before the Tall Man walked to the front. He led How Great Thou Art and I guess that's when it all started...

I found myself no longer sitting on a pew of a common Alabama church. I was singing to HIM and it didn't matter the quality of my voice, it mattered only the quality of my heart. I could see, though blurred by this point, the light shining through the etched panes and I was moved by the amount of love we all felt for our Savior. I could almost see hearts swelling from the chests of others and I was so glad they loved HIM as much as I did.

The blue-eyed lady's daughter walked to the front and stood by her husband as they prepare to do as requested, and sing. Her husband apologized for any imperfections they may stumble upon during their song, and he prepared us in case he couldn't stand for the entire duration. Life has added trembles to his limbs but once he began to speak, he could do nothing but praise HIM. He stood for the entire song and my eyes were no longer viewing people as they seemed with initial glances. I saw the steady amongst the tremors. I saw the health amongst the sick. I saw the strong amongst the weak, and I saw the right within the wrong. I could have stood in front of the mirror and seen all this just the same. I told a friend this week, "The Lord sure does like me for some reason," after receiving just what I need, day after day.

A friend spoke. When she didn't get it all out, she spoke again. I watched her juggle babies and Testify but she held a desire to speak her heart and then her confidence in HIM, bloomed into Truth we all needed to listen to.

I was thankful for all that HE let me feel today. The same man stood once again at the end of the service after he wasn't sure he could make it through one song without propping up or even sitting back down. He all but preached from his pew as he was given more from The Lord. I watched the steady hand that had little control previously hold onto his Bible. Just as steady, the other hand moved about freely as he gave us what we needed to hear. I knew that The Lord had placed the steady upon this man just as HE had given him a message to express. We are Blessed people. I don't sit on the pew of a common Alabama church nor am I the common sitting on a pew of an Alabama church...not to HIM. I don't know why HE loves me so much, but I'm so very thankful that HE does!

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