Monday, July 29, 2013

Marrow for the Bones

My heart was beating and my eyes were crying, for I had no control over either. I heard someone say he was glad he'd be going to Glory with the likes of us. The entire church seemed to be in full worship, undivided attention focused on Praises to our Lord as needs were being met among the pews. We were all standing, singing a hymn from the old red book which lay open in the palm of our hands. My eyes looked at a pair of crystal sea blue eyes which looked back at me. I didn't smile at the child, just looked at her with tears rolling from my eyes. She normally turns away in withdrawal to hide those beautiful bashful eyes, but today, she just looked back at vulnerable old me. Her blond streaked hair fell around her tan face and she looked down at the hymnal she held, pretending to read the words that correctly fell from her lips. She knew the song by heart and I took a deep breath and looked at my book, knowing I need to see the words.

I couldn't get the children off of my mind as I walked to the old cabin. I walked past a single footprint left in the dirt by my own child. I knew HE had something special for me, and I began to cry heavily knowing HE could feel me coming HIS way as one foot managed to step in front of the other until I reached the wooden steps. Already in prayer, I asked what HE would have me do today. What could I give the children, I asked.

A man had stood before us at church and mentioned that when people are lacking one sense, another one gets stronger. When my own children can't hear, they see. When the day falls dark and they can't see, they feel. Being deaf, The Lord gave them a deaf ear to listen with, and a body of good bones and heart to feel with. The sun was blinding and I closed my eyes and continued to pray. A smile came across my face as I realized what HE was giving me but tears released with a steady flow. I could hear baby birds screaming for more meat as their hunger cried from atop a nearby tree. I prayed harder but their screams were so loud. I dared not open my eyes. I placed my hands up over my ears and squeezed as hard as I could to drown out the hungry birds and I was still asking The Lord, what could I give the children, not just my own, but the ones I am blessed to teach from time to time, the ones that watch me with sea blue irises.

My heartbeat pounded through my ears as I prayed harder. I could feel the warm sun burning the flesh of my bare legs. My smile kept growing as I knew HE was listening to me, little old me sitting on the cabin porch right in the Bible Belt of Alabama. When I finished, I opened my eyes and uncovered my ears. I could hear the birds again and I saw the mama frantically pecking the ground below as she searched for more meat. She came up short so she dug a little deeper. She flew up to the fence post where she shouted from her chest that her mouth was full of meat. Her children quietened and she flew up to the tree where they were fed. My own bones no longer felt brittle and dry and I became acutely aware of the marrow...the marrow to the bones.

I knew I needed to provide good "meat" to the children. That's all they need right now. They need some marrow for the bones. Feeding them, clothing them, providing shelter alone can be hard enough in these trying times many of us are facing...but providing the "meat" they really need to sustain them cost no money at all. I must dig deeper if that's what it takes. I must close my eyes so I can hear and close my ears so I can feel. HE has always provided us with what we need exactly when we need it. Today, we feast on meat because the children are hungry, all of the children are hungry. I hope that I have the discipline to continue digging when I fall short, because HE will provide.

I am so Blessed to be going to Glory with people who inspire me, people who try to pray without ceasing, people who want to take of the "meat" for strength to cross one more day here, to be next to HIM. "How beautiful Heaven must be, sweet Home of the happy and free, fair haven of rest for the weary, how beautiful Heaven must be..."

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