Friday, September 6, 2013

Until The Sun

I've let my days fall to ordinary for a while now. Today, I walked out into the dew soaked grass to see, to feel, to breathe...anything but ordinary. A pink rose called me over and my feet took me there. She was planted there by the hands of my own child and now standing several feet high, I wondered how long she had been calling me before I took notice. I reached out to touch her soft petals and as soon as my skin touched her's, the air smelled sweeter.

 I left that rose just as I had found her and walked up to higher ground because I knew there was more. I prayed with my eyes wide open. I prayed for my children, I prayed for the church, I prayed for the man that stood before us the other night at church. He said he had been praying and praying about something but it seemed like he might need our help getting his prayers up to The Lord. So I lifted my prayers as high as I could get them this day, and I waited.

I watched the sun climb the trees right in front of me. Suddenly, the field I had been gazing at was painted with the brightest gold I'd ever seen. The trees were dressed with highlights, tinting leaves that had went unnoticed before the sun. I looked around and more flowers awakened and called my name. They had been there all the ordinary days before, but until the sun, I took no notice.

That's how it is in everything. You take the sun [The Son] out, and it's ordinary, it's shaded, it's sometimes unseen. But you add The Son to your morning, and the fields will be golden, the roses will speak and you'll see light shining on everything. Feeling awfully Blessed this morning and I'm thankful for The Son.

I ask for prayers as I begin a new journey as a Sunday School teacher. One of my first visits to our little country church, our pastor said, "Look beside you. You might be looking a future Sunday School teacher," as he spoke of our unknown futures. I never in my wildest imagination thought he was talking about me. I have lesson plans already, I have vocabulary planned out, I have all the preparations I can possibly make on my own for the age three and under class, but I know it'll be nothing until The Son shines, lighting our paths. Just like the man who stood asking our church to help lift his prayers, I'm asking for a whisper of your breath, that I will  always walk in the light and teach these babies, to seek the sun.

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