Sunday, October 6, 2013

That Jesus

I've had The Cross on my mind ever since our song director stood to Testify last Sunday. He asked us to think about what The Cross meant to us. I immediately thought of my cross necklaces. I only wear them when I'm going to be away from my family, out there in the big world working. I wear a cross because it reminds me...

I find myself many times at work reaching for the cross and running my fingertips over each edge and I know that whatever I face, I've been provided a place, a permanent Home, and it's because of That Cross. Even though I know there was pain and suffering experienced by the flesh that hung there in my place, it's also the greatest love story anyone could have ever written, and it was written for me. Ever so often, a random stranger will say to me, "I like that necklace." I know they like That Cross, they like That Jesus...

Church began as expected this morning. There was an unusual silence behind the songs. Everyone sang words, and they sounded beautiful but after each breath, after each note, silence pierced the room. Not necessarily an empty silence, but an attentive silence. Today, we were to listen, and I did just that.

I took my tiny tots down to our Sunday School room and we reviewed last week's lesson. "Tell me about the sheep. There were a hundred sheep and what happened to the one?" I asked my group ages one to four. The child of a preacher man spoke up excitedly, "It got lost. We had to find it." A smile lifted my eyes as the little shepherds looked around the room for the lost one. We went on to talk about today's lesson and their eager little minds discussed how God wants us to love everyone, even if they upset us sometimes. We talked about ways to help others and be a good friend, brother, sister, neighbor, child and treat others how we want to be treated. When the bell rang, I returned them to their parents and took my seat on the pew of peace.

Again, songs filled the church and I could hear voices I've never heard before, and they all sounded full, though the quiet was still present. Our preacher eventually stood and during his message he spoke of That Jesus. He said how much he loves That Jesus that picks him up and brushes him off and encourages him when he needs it but he also loves That Jesus that will correct him when he needs it. He said that The Lord will send what he needs when he needs it and I suddenly realized I could no longer hear silence. I was hanging on every word this preacher was saying and knowing just how right he was.

I thought again of the cross. I looked around at all the little children who all know what happened on that cross. I can tell them Jesus died on it, I can explain how to be a good shepherd and love thy neighbor and honor thy Mother and Father but one day, it'll be That Cross, it'll be That Jesus that gives them Home...and that's a beautiful thing to pass on, the greatest love story ever written, and it was written for them. I love That Jesus.

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