Sunday, November 24, 2013

The King is Coming

The spider's web still clung tightly to the church. I watched the silk move in the cold breeze past the pane. Last Sunday I looked over at the same web. A large hand print was perfectly placed adjacent to it and the sun lit the entire print at just the right time. I remember thinking, there are people who cling to the church, just like the spider. It's warm, it's welcoming, often, it's as close to HIM as we can get until one day after while...

This day, I saw no print, just the web. It appeared to be just as secure as has been the last few Sundays since I started watching it. I enjoy having my family next to me on the pews. I made eye contact with one of my Sunday School girls. She smiled and offered me a gentle wave with her small hand and the pews began to fill.

When the songs started, I thanked HIM for that familiar sound. Spiritual brothers and sisters bound by song sounding as one, yet voices emerged in every direction to fill the room. I closed my eyes and asked for a touch, just a small simple touch to remind me how HE feels. A young voice from the back asked the teacher of the teens to sing. Without hesitation his feet led him beside the piano. His tame voice began the words, "The marketplace is empty, no more traffic in the street, all the builders' tools are silent, no more time to harvest wheat..." I listened to every word and imagined THAT DAY as excitement began to catch fire. Though my body didn't move, I watched myself grab the hands of my children and walk in the direction of The Lord. I imagined we were outside and I was gripping them tightly. Our pace quickened and soon we were running fueled by relief, recognition and thanksgiving. We didn't have far to travel, HE was coming for us and we already knew how to get there. The singer's words roared as mighty as a lion, "The King is coming, The King is coming, Praise God, He's coming for me". A chill enclosed my heart and moved down my right arm swiftly and I was reminded where we were. My place is still on the pew, for now.

Our preacher stood with purest silver stream running from his eyes. His broken voice praised The Lord as he too had imagined That Day. Looking forward to tonight's service, looking forward to That Day when The King comes, Praise God, He's coming for me!

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