Monday, February 3, 2014

Into the Dark

Clouds followed us from our road. With every mile, they seemed to thicken and by the time we got to church, we were engulfed completely. As I sat on my pew, I listened to the voices of the soon to be Angels...some were behind me, some were filling the left side of the church, a few sat in front of me but together, as their voices banded together in song, they all sounded Heavenly. I quietened my own voice just to listen to them. Their words were confident, assuring, and refreshing. I peered out of the frosted window but saw nothing but dense fog. It had swallowed the little country church. I tried my best to see through it. I knew the cemetery was just beyond the sidewalk but today, I couldn't see it. All I had was right in front of me...

The room seemed so clear after looking at the fog. Singers stood one by one and sang for The Lord and their words were hearty and sincere. He knew each and every heart in that room and The Spirit took a stroll in that little white church. He touched on several who spilled the love right out in front, for all to see and feel. I sat thanking Him for the drink, for my thirst had left me parched and withered. As the world keeps getting cloudy and I was thankful for clarity, thankful for vision when I don't always see...

We traveled back to that old church after a few hours of distraction. This time, the rain took our sight. It beat down heavily and the only thing keeping us from it, was a piece of glass as it darted directly towards us. Our headlights were of little use and again, we could only see what was directly in front. The closer we got to church the heavier the rain got. We had gone too far to turn back now so we traveled onward. I asked for a light, give us a light Lord to lead us in the darkened rain and I saw red tail lights just up ahead. I was thankful for the one in front leading because we've been down this road many times, but it seemed unfamiliar in the fog and the rain. Relief soon calmed me as I saw the light of the steeple just past the wet pane. The car in front, led us all the way into the parking lot. She had traveled this road many more times that I, and she confidently turned onto the glass like pavement. I smiled thanking Him because when I needed help, He sent someone to lead and they took us exactly where we needed to go.

I sat again on the same pew, looked out of the same window and saw the darkness that had wrapped around the little country church. I still couldn't see the cemetery just beyond the window but I knew it was still there. Cloud and darkness can take away vision, but I knew my way around that church. If you walk around in the darkness, chances are you could use a light. It doesn't mean there will be nothing to fall upon, nothing tripping your path but if it's easier to see the things in your way as obstacles, the light will guide you around to a better way. Those left without the light will rely on themselves. Their vision will adjust to the darkness and chances are, they'll not move forward very often, and in some cases, turn around and go backwards. Standing still might give them the comfort of not falling and I was just thankful for the light.

The brightness of the church was welcoming and clarity took over my sight once again. The warmth of the church was peaceful and the songs sounded different this night, pleasing in a different way. I sat hoping for a good message from our preacher. I didn't dare look around the room because I knew I would find disappointment in the numbers of returning sinners. I didn't want disappointment in the House of The Lord so I tried to focus on needs, their needs, what will progress us forward with fewer and fewer lights...

Truth. The preacher spoke of truth. The world can be a dark place. There won't always be hundreds of lights around you. Sometimes hundreds of lights will only make for a dim path. When things are really dark, when the world has turned away from truth and you find yourself in the unfamiliar, it only takes one light to lead. Someone out there is needing vision and if your light isn't bright enough to see through clouds, see through rain, you're nothing more than dim. Today, I want to be more than dim. As the Singer and one who Testified said in service this day, we are to lead others to Christ, that is our job. It is my job as a living Christian to be ready. We need our lights to shine. It's dark out there, and it seems to just get darker by the day. Truth will brighten your road, truth is what people need to hear and truth will lead the way. Thankful again for all of His Blessings. Lead on my friends. Don't be afraid of the rain, don't be afraid of the fog, He may lead you there to be a light for someone else.

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