Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Music Played

Ever since that Wednesday night service, I have carried the music with me. As soon as I had sat on that pew, I was shown random things and I knew I couldn't possibly make sense of it right then, so I carried it with me. As I drove to work, as I cooked dinner, as I counted Blessings before I fell asleep, I replayed each and every little thing over and over in my mind, not because I needed to understand the meaning but because it was different, unseen to me before. The young man with the guitar, strumming in slow motion on the blond instrument...I could hear each and every chord with such intensity. I could see myself back on the pew and listening to everything with such volume and clarity. The piano sang the songs that night and everything had been played with just enough slack to fancy any ear. I left that service not sure what HE was bringing to the table for me but I had been stricken with delight as the quest began, to keep seeking HIM.

A busy week and a busy weekend tried to thieve my attention but as soon as Sunday morn knocked on my door, I remembered the music. I quickly turned the television to my favorite gospel music station and as I carried out my pre-church rituals, I heard the peculiar. I rushed quickly back to the music and stood there in silence and listened. It was just music. No words, no voices, just the song of the piano. I sang the words of the hymn with all the stillness my voice would allow, but I the music played. I knew HE was showing me something about the service that was just up ahead, and the excitement made me want to get there faster.

I tried not to run, but as I entered church it was noted I had left my family all behind in the parking lot outside. I calmed my steps and sat on the familiar pew and looked at everything. I wondered if I should request we listen to the pianist play Amazing Grace without the choir of our voices carrying it along, but that didn't seem like the answer. I knew, we could never sit through the entire song without our voices lifting in Praise so I sat patiently and wondered what was coming next. I watched the ones who play piano take their places and the hymns began. It was clear that today voices were full, voices were as intense as the music had been just days before. The feet stomped heavier and the claps were stronger. I kept quiet just to listen to the richness as HE prepared our table. A few offered broken words that spoke volumes during our Worship, everyone seemed to have come prepared...and HE led us onward.

A man, a visitor of the church walked up to the piano. A stranger with all his brawn sat meekly on the bench. He told a story and pressed the keys softly. My heart felt warm as he began to sing the words. It became clear early on, there would be no Sunday School to interrupt this Worship. As the service went on, the heightened senses, heightened awareness had all but left me. I had spent a great deal of time this week, listening. HE had made it very easy, magnifying everything. I felt my chest rising and wondered how I had kept breathing during all that. I took rest and peered out of the window. There was a brightness today and warm tears rolled off of my cheeks as I continued to listen. I could see people moving but I was captivated and glared on as HE assured me, there was something else.

I broke my focus to see a friend at The Altar, her knees bent underneath her. Her Daddy's words halted as he sang behind the piano. Her mom left those ivory keys behind her and she too, bent down in prayer. Friends and family wrapped arms around her as she wept. Another pianist walked up and placed his hands on the instrument. With everything gentle he could possibly corral, he began HIS song. Hearts melted. Tears ran in streams down the eyes of the weary when the music played. The sound of her song played softly through the church. The one she stands there and sings, with her head held high. The one that flows from her lips when she stands on two feet. The song she can sing without the lyrics printed directly in front of her eyes as she straightens her back and closes her eyes in thought. Today, she wasn't standing behind the music. Today, the music just played.

Near the end, we all stood and sang Amazing Grace. I smiled knowing HE continues to give HIS Amazing Grace. Hands up and voices lifted, HE had prepared for us this day. I am thankful to know HE has prepared for us tomorrow, and when the days run out, HE still has prepared. We are Blessed people to have felt that peace this day, and I am honored to have heard the music play.

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