Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Ones I Never Knew

I didn't have the health to attend church, and that made me feel worse than I already did. I asked The Lord to visit me in slumber since I hadn't the energy to go to His House to Worship. His touch can be just as profound behind closed lids as it can at the base of The Altar if you just ask. Dreams swept me away rather quickly that night but all I remember now is how I awoke...

We were weeping, all of us. I was at church, on a pew, next to a familiar lady and her granddaughter. I watched as one of the congregation was called to the front. I assumed he was walking to the altar and I knew who he was though I could only see a small portion of his profile. He began walking, making his way down the pew until he reached the aisle. I looked over at the lady and we were sobbing but happy for him. I reached over and hugged her. I suddenly was looking down upon her, as if I too had stood. Everyone was so happy for me too that I had been called next but just as I began to step forward, I woke. For days all I wanted was to go back, to be there again but I never could manage to get there again.

This Sunday my health was regained and I couldn't wait to walk through those glass doors. The sun warmed my skin as we drove through the Spring-like portraits for miles and miles toward that little country church. I thought of the dream and how un-finished it seemed. I knew there was more but I didn't seem to be able to complete His message to me. I was hoping today, I would find the ending.

Finally, I found my way to our favorite pew. "Mama, she's here," my child said to me. I turned to see the little blue-eyed lady walking in, stopping to greet everyone in her path. She took seat behind us as usual and just having her presence brings about a peace. She brings wisdom with her age. Her blue eyes have seen way more than mine but she humbly sits in The House of The Lord, to worship like any other sinner in that room. Meeting broke out within the first few strokes of the ivory keys. The Spirited chuckles could be heard from the man on the front pew, the one who reaches down with his right hand to touch the cross on the bottom of his pew...the son of the blue-eyed lady. Between shouts around the room, I could still hear his chuckles and then I heard the voice of another. There was more than one chuckle in that room and this time it was coming from her, the one who lives behind those blue eyes. She too chuckled a time or two in the midst of her son's voice and that brought a smile to my face. I wiped away the warm river falling from my eyes, but I was smiling at the same time.

After a Testimony, a Deacon of the church asked us what were we thankful for. I thought of all those people who used to sit on these pews but were no longer here. They are with Him now and I wouldn't wish them back for anything, but I never had a chance on this side to meet them either. I only wish I had. The husband who used to sit beside her. He knew those blue eyes better than anyone else in that room, but he is gone on, singing with The Angels. I thought of the boy, who used to sit beside his parents at one time. He left one night after a service similar to this one, but I never got to meet him. He was here too, I can feel what he did to these people, what he meant to them. His brother stood and spoke of him just after that, and I knew The Lord was pulling it all together for me. All I had to do was listen. Today, I was thankful for them, the ones I never knew.

I had all but forgot about that dream until the man in the back stood. His broken voice gained strength as he took leaps toward the front of the room. One by one he took hands and said that they could be next. He took them away from their pew and placed them up front, together. It wouldn't be long until some of us were called Home. Next Sunday, someone may be missing. Tears were rushing down my face but I knew how right he was.

The parents of the boy who once was, walked up to the front and began The Old Ship of Zion. Voices from all over the room orchestrated together and I moved my lips but sang in silence. I listened. I listened to soon to be Angels singing together. I listened to the blue-eyed lady sing every single word behind me. I knew that old ship was coming, and I just wanted to get on board.

I thought of the dream. I went back in. All week, I had wanted to go back and just like that, I was there. I realized that the man who stood before I did wasn't being called up to the church's altar. I realized when I hugged my friend, it was goodbye, and she was so happy for me. We were going by one. It was finished.

I am Blessed yet again for another Spirit filled service. He never ceases to amaze me. I look forward to what little time we all have left down here, but I really look forward to meeting the ones I never knew, and The One I'll know forever. Blessed are we at my little country church.

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