Sunday, March 23, 2014

To Be in The Son

I looked out of the window and everything seemed crisp. As the car's tires rolled over wet pavement, advancing us to that little country church, I noticed the shiver of the woods around us. "The trees look cold," I said. Silence followed as everyone looked out of the windows at tall, mostly bare trees with nothing but marsh land pressing down on their roots. I knew they needed the sun and I knew The Spirit would visit soon because I could see everything. I was being prepared for something.

As the first song began, one ran to the front, falling upon her knees. Many raced to follow her there and the sinners began to pray. I watched as the tiny hand of a kindergarten child pointed to the words in each and every verse, for her mama to follow. My eyes teared as I knew that one day, her knuckles would no longer dimple and life would thicken her palms but for now, youth led her fingertips across the verses. I sang along in wonder, if we'd even have Sunday School.

We did depart the Sanctuary of Worship and steps led me down to my class where eager babies and toddlers awaited. The room was busy with bright little minds and I saw a pair of familiar blues looking back at me. It was the Song Director's child. I looked around the room at the life within those four walls and I realized I have them now. I may have a little Song Director, I may have some future angelic singers and I may have the ones who will Praise. I have them before life gets too hard, I have them before they are battered by the rain, I have them before it's too dark to see.

The oldest of my seven patiently waited at the end of class for her turn to sing. At age four she writes her own songs as her voice leaves her lips. Very lightly she began to sway side to side and lift the corners of her dress as she began, "The clouds will follow you...the clouds are everywhere...clouds can follow you, or you can follow clouds..." She continued her song which brought a smile to my face because how right she was. Life gets cloudy at times, fog creeps down on us all but we can chase after clouds or we can lead them. If the clouds are behind us, we must be in the sun [Son] and that is where I want to be. The Lord was with us this morning, and that always feels good.

We returned for Worship Service and with the first song, came the sun. The room lit brightly and again, I could see everything. The church was flooded quickly. A child sat by his grandmother as she played the piano. His eyes were as blue as the sea as his freckles graced his nose. He looked just like his sweet little mother as he sat up there mouthing the final words to the old gospel hymn. I was shown age within youth, and it was a relief. Knowing that one was going to be good, and that one would be okay too, and so on. Parents sitting with their children everywhere, the babies, the youth, the young and the aged.

Soon, a simple song request, turned into a one of the prettiest portraits ever painted of Heaven from down here on Earth. Two that had stood at the piano, soon became three as a brother was called up. This brother is the son of the blue-eyed lady who sits behind me. This brother that normally sits on the front pew but today, he was called to the front by his own sister and brother-in-law. Claiming to be a non-singer, He went over to the piano anyway because The Spirit was leading, and he needed to follow. He was given some paint, and he too stroked the canvas so we all could see...and it was beautiful. Back and forth the two preachers spoke HIS word. The son of the blue-eyed lady would speak scriptures as the other preacher spoke, just like his Mama does. I could see her behind his eyes, I knew there was a time, when he held a song book in his hands, and pointed to the words for his Mama to follow along too.

They tried to begin a song but before they could even complete a note, his face changed. This brother, this father, this grandfather, was seeing something we couldn't from our pews. He was watching the face of his own grandson, walking up to The Altar. When the child made it, he fell to his knees and was surrounded quickly with blankets of prayer. Heads bowed from The Altar to the pews and all the sinners prayed.

I can't imagine what HE has in store for us tonight, but we'll all be a little closer to Heaven than we were this morning...and that feels good. We can go chasing the clouds, or we can walk in The Son. I choose to be in The Son. Thankful for His Blessings today.

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