Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Like Diamonds

The landscape was alive. Grass  was soaked with midnight tears but the sun was high. A symphony of birds sang in every direction while a distant rooster lifted his voice above all, demanding a solo performance. I looked at my favorite tree and it was the darkest shade of evergreen, as it stood mighty in the field. I knew it was just a moment's perspective, for the tree to be covered in shade. On the other side, I knew the leaves grasped for the sun, holding it tightly until it was their turn to cool in the shade. I thought of Easter Sunday, Good Friday, and my Lord. How quickly days seem to pass, but I had not forgotten. I closed my eyes in the warmth of the sun and just prayed.

I asked for His Vision, His Light. I was thankful for what He had done and then I began to taste the dry, red air. The high pitched pinging rang through my bones as metal crashed down, penetrating the spikes through His flesh. Splinters of wood entered the gaping wounds of his back as the blood began to clot and dry. Voices spoke over each other in ancient tongue but the cries of a mother were understood by all. When I opened my eyes, shadows began to dance in the breeze. A woodpecker played percussion on an old oak tree. The grass held their diamonds of dew held high to meet the sun's glow. A soft heat warmed my flesh and I wondered how could they forget so swiftly. The world has moved on so quickly and I'm still at the cross.

I thought about church. I knew there more people still at the cross but we needed to move on to that Third Day. I wanted to be at The Tomb, where the stone had been rolled away. I teared up thinking of how He Ascended and I prayed again for the others, the ones who have never made it to the cross and the ones who have. I knew that there were some who saw the grass as green and the sky as blue but there were others, who see diamonds. Many walk into the ordinary, and that is quite common. I prefer to see the shine, hear the orchestra and feel The Spirit, even if that means meeting at the cross. We may bring our blades of grass still soaked with midnight tears but as soon as He shines, diamonds pop up in unexpected places to those who will lift up their last drop to Him.

He keeps giving, no matter how little I seem to give back. I asked to do more, to be more, to see more and feel more. I had to first pick up my own cross, and bear it and feel the weight of my own sins. I, like many in my church have a burden for others. Those seeking ordinary will rarely see diamonds unless we move them from the shade, into the light. Sometimes it's as simple as pointing the way. As the song leader said in our service, we can trip people up, cause hindrance without intention. I asked this day to not be blocking anyone's sun. I don't want to be the one who shadows their path, I want to be the one, pointing to the gems!

Blessed, as always.

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