Tuesday, May 13, 2014

When the Flower Falls

I watched the disappointment mark the child's face as her stem lost its flower. Someone quickly replaced it and she continued her quest to place it in her mother's hands. Children of all sizes scurried along the blue carpet picking out beautiful carnations for the Mother's Day Sunday service. I couldn't get my mind off of the stem, even when two perfect flowers were given to me accompanied with small arms draped around me as tears rushed like an overflown river.

Today, I sat in the morning sun and listened to the bells again from the very same service. I watched again, tiny faces thrilled to be holding the attention of all and when it was their turn to ring, excitement filled them and their eyes would float amongst the pews to see who had heard. I closed my eyes and asked The Lord to show me what HE saw. I wondered if the room full of love, the room full of Worship, the room full sinners looked differently to Him, but I knew it did, I knew it had to.

As soon as my eyes closed, red covered by vision...bright red pumped across and I dared not open my eyes but part of me wondered if I was prepared for what I had just requested. I saw something moving upward from the bottom and I held my breath and remained perfectly still in hopes to see what it was...roots. There were roots swimming in the blood and I almost asked Him to stop because I didn't know what was coming next but again, I sat real still, and waited. The thought of the stem and flower kept coming to mind and when I was sure it was okay, I gently cracked my lids open and saw quiet everywhere. I felt peace within the breeze and I watched my flowers in the yard sway from a distance. I thought about how important the stem is...a weak stem won't produce a beautiful flower, only the strong and healthy hold a blossom.

I walked over to a bed of magnificent color and watched as the wind carried their scent across the yard. Not all stems produce flowers, some hold leaves, some hold thorns, some sturdy the plant but the ones with flowers, just lift up toward the sun. Each stem seemed no less important the next and I realize how quick I am to notice all the flowers, but without the stem, a flower would not be. A stem can bear "fruit" without holding onto a flower. The stem would not be without the root. I thought of how we race outside to cut our pretty flowers when we know a storm is coming because we fear they will be cast down and fade away in the wind and rain, held tight in my mind. Sometimes learning to bear through a storm is exactly what they need. If their roots are strong, their stems will hold, even if the flower falls. A scar may remain where the flower once was but the plant will once again regain beauty.

Today, I am Blessed again. I am thankful for the roots and stems of the church that have been washed in the blood. Not everyone holds a traditional flower but we all have a rightful place in the garden. We blossom from time to time but the important thing is to hold strong through the storms. Have Faith that a blossom will come your way. You may not hold one but sometimes standing next to one, is more beautiful than carrying it yourself.