Monday, June 23, 2014

Consider the Ravens

He took his Bible in his thirteen year old hands and walked to the front of the church, relieved that on this Wednesday night, many seats were vacant. Standing for his first Devotion he looked at me one last time and opened his Bible and moved his bookmark with nervous fingers. "Consider the ravens: for they neither sow nor reap..." I have repeated this verse over and over ever since he spoke it, considering those ravens.
My eyes finally awoke to the Sunday morning sun. I thought of the ravens, no storehouse nor barn, but yet they are fed. I thought of the church. Many others, just like me, were preparing to be fed this very morning in The Lord's House. I imagined many searching through their storehouses, their Spiritual Barns and gathering everything they had to place on the table. I felt like maybe I didn't have anything to bring this day, yet I I considered the ravens.
We began in song as we all came gathering in. I quickly thanked Him for inviting me to the table, though I may be a dog underneath it, a crumb is all I seek. I had been teaching my "littles" Sunday School class about 5 loaves and 2 fishes. I knew that The Lord had plenty for us all, even those who brought nothing but their own Spirit, their own hunger to the table.
A flock of small little girls asked to lead a song, not even found in our song books. The piano sang first and tears began to fill my eyes. Meekness from the little girls was hidden by courage and boldness. That spoke volumes as even at such a young age, they were feeding the multitude. Strong voices from our little country church thickened the air and with every deep breath I was being filled by His promise. Their little voices echoed each verse and my heart expanded with every word...

"That heavenly home, (that heavenly home)
lies over death's sea,(lies over death's sea)
there loved ones I know, (there loved ones I know)
are waiting for me.(are waiting for me)
With Jesus we’ll live (With Jesus we'll live)
In glory divine (In glory divine)
That Heavenly Home (that Heavenly Home) will surely be mine.(will surely be mine

A Deacon stood and spoke with tears in his eyes and Spirit in his voice. He asked us to consider the rainbow. The red is always on top to cover, consider The Blood and consider His Promise and I thought of that eternal Home. He asked his wife to sing a song she hasn't sang in quite some time. She picked up a red hymnal and opened to the lyrics of the song never heard by my ears before. As the words left her lips the room got even sweeter. "Consider the lilies..." My eyes poured as she sang of the very ravens that circled me all week. I sat there considering the ravens, considering the lilies. I sat in awe of His perfect timing and gathered up crumbs from the under that table, He had so much more to give, and I had no idea...

(to be continued)

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