Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Folded Wings

The day began slowly, just the way I like. My feet took me to the hill where the damp air was filled with lilies and a freshly stained wooden porch. The clouds darkened the prairie where the tall grass grows and I longed to feel the sun. My paltry mouth opened with small words but I needed to give them to The Lord, if I wanted to feel that sun. Instantly, my little country life warmed up with an orange glow and everything was clearer. The leaves waved good morning in the breeze as the birds spilled music onto the meadow below. I drew in a long deep breath and held it in with my eyes closed so I could consume the entire meal that was being plated before me.

With a rapid flutter of wings, my attention was drawn to a tree where two birds took flight together. I watched them sail across the land below and I smiled knowing they have probably flown together for years. The span of their wings were comparable and from head to tail their bodies were in sync and I watched. I couldn't take my eyes off of the two and I knew He had more. The elegant flight of the pair seemed to be carrying them to a bird feeder in my yard when suddenly they split and went in different directions. One flew to a tree top where it joined other birds in song. The other flew to a power line where crows cawed in protest. I wondered why their journey had split right when they were about to be fed but all I could do is watch.

Voices merged from the treetop and I imaged there was one calling over to the bird left with the crows. I wondered what the couple had seen from the air around the feeding place that may have prevented them from eating what had been prepared. The one with the crows hopped down from the line which it had stood upon. The song from the other one fell upon the lilies and I watched the bird at the bottom of the hill take each cautious step across the yard. I wondered why it was walking when perfectly good wings could make the journey over to the feeder much faster.

I pondered upon walking instead of soaring. I looked toward the songs of the trees and I knew even the strongest wings needed rest. I know in our own lives, some days we seem to sail right over everything and other days, we walk right through it. I looked back at the bird on the ground and it was pecking at the ground with each and every step. The bird was already feeding. It had not waited to make it to the table where the others were being fed, it was taking what others had left behind and finding nourishment in it. Feet carried it through the grass that must have been difficult for the small gait of a bird to maneuver, but yet, it was feeding. Wings spread out and soon the bird was in flight. That treetop gained one more voice and I smiled, pleased the pair perched together again.

I reflected on the flight of the birds. Soaring together full of strength, they parted to take rest. One filled up in the top of the tree and sang with a chorus of others while one sat with crows. The crows watched the bird hold firm in its stance despite their attempt to run it away. They watched as the bird walked below through treacherous conditions and fed, despite an easier meal which awaited not far away. Encouraging song lifted each step as the bird made its way across the yard until it finally had filled its own belly, and the bellies of those watching the courage of feasting with folded wings. And then the praises that lifted when the bird once again took flight, to rejoin the other one.

I wondered what it felt like to watch from above as the brave bird walked below. I wanted to be a brave bird. Should I ever need to feed from another table, could I have the same fill as the bird who took the difficult path? In the flesh I was concerned that the two had flown in different ways at first glance but now I know there are reasons why. It may have not been for their benefit, it may have been for mine. Today, I want to be the one walks with folded wings or the one who encourages from a treetop, and not the one who caws like a crow. For even the crows will need to know how to feed from another table at some point. As long as The Lord is preparing what we feast upon, our bellies shall be full always. Blessed again this day, and thankful for His Presence always.

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