Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Glimmer of The Son

I asked The Lord to let me walk, not run. I didn't want to overlook Him today, knowing that by the day's end, I would be standing in front of the crowd of people which filled our pews at the little country church I love so much. I already knew what I was going to do, what I was going to say, the story I was to tell, though rehearsing it was useless. I knew that HE was in charge and choosing words at this point wasn't necessary...He'd get me through it.

The clock was ticking and with only two hours to go, I found myself alone on the front porch reflecting.
I watched the little ten year old girl with a freckles gracing across her innocent face, nervously ask if I would do the next Devotion. I smiled and quickly relieved her of the fear of rejection, the nerves the pushed the words out of her mouth, with a quick, "Yes, of course I will." She smiled back as we chatted about nothing and everything outside of the old church house. Tears filled my eyes as I thought...He already knew. He was lining me up last week and I had no idea...

My mind left the church parking but my body remained on my front porch.

I was driving down that Alabama highway. The dark wet pavement was littered with branches and leaves from the brief storm that had just passed through. I looked down the road that my church sits upon but this time I didn't turn. The sky was brilliantly bright with the setting sun. One side was painted with fresh cotton candy and the air even smelled sweet. The other side was as golden as I imagined the streets of Heaven. The hill underneath glowed with the embers falling straight from the sun. I thought of church family in the area and wondered if they were looking at the same sky, if they were allured by the mastery, the site of what HE can do right after a storm. I suddenly felt like The Lord was touching someone. I knew that someone underneath all that shimmer was being Blessed, being changed and my heart began to swell at the thought.

I pulled up at the brick church where my children were attending Vacation Bible School. I opened my door and one of my dear friends was standing there to greet me. A smiled adorned her face and a tear gleamed behind her lashes. Holding back a shout, she let loose the jubilant words, "She got Saved tonight!" My heart grew with those few words and tears filled my eyes too as we walked together towards the Lord's House. My daughter...He was Touching my child this time, this night, underneath the glitter of that setting sun. I knew immediately why the other little girl had picked me to do the next Devotion, I had good news to share.

My child told me in great detail what had happened. She said she could hear every single word the preacher was saying. I imagined her on that pew between all of her friends and the conviction that distressed her face as it was described to me. She walked up to the front leaving peers behind to watch as she asked for forgiveness of the black sins binding her feet. The Lord forgave her as she asked Him into her heart and the same God that reached down and touched me when I was about her age, reached down and promised her an everlasting Home with Him. She told me that she felt like it was her last chance and she had to take that opportunity, knowing it wouldn't be offered again.

I was back on my porch as tears rolled down and I thanked Him once again. I thanked Him for everything that had led to that Thursday storm, that Thursday sun, that Thursday Touch. I knew that the deaf child of mine couldn't have possibly heard every single word of that preacher without The Lord's Touch. I saw flashes of her in our church, turning to the wrong page of the hymnal, the wrong chapter of a Book in her pink Bible. It all started with us walking through the glass doors of our own church. He knew all along. He had laid the foundation over the last few years from the hands raised in Praise to the intense preaching that crept right up through the wooden pews and captivated even the deaf. He sent us to a church that can be felt, even when it can't be heard and I thanked Him again for that. We are Blessed people...yesterday, today, and forever because He is the same yesterday, today and forever...

My heart pounded as I stood in front of the church. I told the story the best I could but at that point it really didn't even matter that I am a terrible speaker, that I'm nervous in crowds, or that my voice is broken with tears because He got me through it. He gave me that story and it was more beautiful that I ever could have imagined for me, for my child. No matter what circumstance you are facing, no matter the storm that comes, there is a glimmer from The Son that awaits. The preacher stood and read the words from Hebrew 13:8 and all I could do was smile in agreement.

As we left that little white country church, a rainbow spread across the sky. Again the sun was setting on the damp ground below and its brightness was captivating. My daughter pointed to the sky and said, "He probably did that for us. You know, He lit the pathway." She grabbed her Bible and opened it and read the words, "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path." And He just keeps on giving...

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