Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Five, The Two, and The One

Today I was given a very special gift I so desperately needed. This gift can't be found under the clasp of a change purse nor betwixt the fold of a leather wallet. A single, random act of kindness flowed like music orchestrated by The Conductor's baton. A precious little note addressed to me and my husband found at our pew, between the hymnals.

After a very Spiritual morning service, I found myself in the bright of a lighted church-house as darkness swallowed everything around us. The preacher asked if anyone had Scripture on our mind, in our heart...that we felt led to share. My heart began to beat so loud it rattled my aging bones. Matthew 25 was screaming between my ears, but I kept quiet and waited. I knew this preacher had more to add as I put together a Spiritual puzzle. I breathed slowly so I could hear every word as he read 2 Corinthians. His words echoed between the half full, half empty pews and I looked at each word and soon it was there..."But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us". I read the words once again, and smiled from the corner of my mouth as He once again, gave me everything I needed.

Matthew 25 speaks of Talents. The Lord once gave out 8 of them in fact, to three individuals. Five went out to the first who then turned them into ten. Two more went to the next who turned them into four and the last received only one who decided to bury it underneath the ground. Blessed were the ones who used their talents to double what they had been given. The single, one talent lied in a limp stagnation underneath the soil.

Today, I was shown my talent. Feeble attempts to dig it back up have left my fingernails dirty but my slothful efforts have yielded nothing other than a buried treasure with no proof of its actual worth. I was certain I had met the one with 5 talents today, who had turned them into ten...and she gave me a golden shovel. I have cleared the dirt from this buried treasure. I have done very little with all He's provided as of late but today, I am Blessed by the five, Blessed by the Two and Blessed by THE ONE.