Sunday, October 26, 2014

We Were Headed There

Common chatter filled the family car. Hair combed, teeth brushed, our Sunday clothes rested upon our backs; we were headed there. I closed my eyes and let the warm sun kiss my face as it beamed between the pines. I prayed for the others, who were gathering in...

Soon, my eyes opened again to breathe in the blessed Sunday air, and I watched the ordinary pavement pass beneath us. With only a mile separating us from there, we were in that final stretch. Anticipation made its way deep into my lungs as I envisioned that empty pew awaiting. Something up ahead moved. It was a truck speeding toward us from around the curve. It continued toward us crossing deeper and deeper into our lane. We moved over as much as we could and with only a couple of yards to defend us, I lifted my right hand knowing it would offer little protection against the windshield of glass. My husband and I gave no warning to the children, but gasped softly, awaiting for His Will to be done. At the last second, the truck was moved out of our path and we saw that steeple just up ahead, one more time.

As the hymns began, I couldn't sing loud enough. The church I had looked forward to attending this Sunday morning, was nearly shy by four this morning. I thought of the members in the vehicle behind us, and I thanked Him for not forcing the eyes of their flesh, to see us any differently than they have before. The Lord had Mercy today.

As the service continued and one young mother stood with her daughter by her side, she spoke of her dear sweet grandmother. By all standards of modern medicine, she shouldn't be here today, but for whatever reason...He has seen fit, she stay a little bit longer. I listened to the Testimonies, I listened to the songs and tears fell as I realized...we were almost headed There.

Today could have been the day, that sweet glorious day, that I left here, heading for There. I looked around the room and thought about one of the Testimonies....look at our players. We have a really strong, stout team at my little church. Everyone seems to play a different part and no one is more vital than the next. Today, I was given one more chance. One more day to teach my Sunday School littles that I know Jesus. One more day, to press on the glass doors that lead toward that Altar, one more day, to hear the earthly Angels sing His praise and one more day, to try and prepare someone else...before heading towards Home. We may not be at His feet today, but I'll carry my cross a little farther. When the sun sets, I'll be one day closer just like the preacher reminded us this morning. I have to remind myself each day, where exactly it is I am traveling...


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