Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Climb

I drove to church because the world was falling dark. I needed to turn away from the worldly news and be in a place where The Son has risen.  I wanted to be in a place where voices lift despite the claws of this world pulling and tugging to keep everyone down...or even worse, still. I thought of the place...

I remembered the place we drove to as teens. A group of friends and I had pulled over during an adventurous jeep ride in search of a waterfall. "It's right down here somewhere," someone said and we all began to trod down the steep slope. After quite some time, we reached the bottom of this mountain and wandered the forest in search of the falls. The evening sun was fading fast and we were still in the valley, walking through trenches with water on our minds. I looked up and a cool shade blanketed the massive hill that led to our "out". Miles of searching for something pretty was taking its toll and we reluctantly began our ascent out of the woods. It had been so easy going down but the slope of the landscape made for a difficult climb out of this disappointment. Our own choices had led us there as were just looking for something, but found nothing. Now, the very things we needed, were on top of that hill where we once stood...

Every step I took forward was met with gravity's hands who pushed me backwards. My feet were slipping and I couldn't seem to get ahead. My muscles tightened as I gripped the exposed roots and I held on for dear life. My knees bent and soil covered them as I used every ounce of strength I had left to pull. The climb up had been so much harder than the descent and moist earth covered my legs, my shoes and my fingernails where I fought, and dug, and clawed my way back up.

But now I sat on a pew. I wasn't down in the valley right this minute, but I knew others that were. I whispered in my heart to them, grab onto the roots, they are strong, you will be lifted soon, you may have some dirt under your nails and scars on your knees but the mountain is right in front of you...just climb.

Though not gifted with voice, I wanted to sing. I couldn't wait for the songs to begin where the voices from behind me belonging to those Gifted in song, would carry my meek words with their's. My words, though textured with softness and humble, soon met with the Mighty and together, we were all there for one purpose. It wasn't long before the Tall Man stood with his Bible in his hands and walked to the front. He outlined his intention and read the words as a friend, as a dad, as a brother, as a son. He took his time and thoroughly explained how perception can deceive. He said the world can be as dark as I wanted it to be, and I knew The Lord was talking to me. The news can be as bad as I let it, the day can be as dark as we want if we turn enough lights off. I wanted be in the sun [son]. I wanted to see the red robin's wings and hear his music throughout the trees. I was tired of looking through bare branches and seeing nothing. The corners of my aging lips rose and I was honored and Blessed that The Lord took that time with me. I was thankful that the Tall Man stood, and spoke.

Soon the preacher rose and naturally he clinched a Bible between his fingers as well. He spoke of the woman. The woman with the blood who had found no relief, until she touched Jesus. He had made her whole, He gave her what she needed, just like He does me today. She just went seeking. The preacher showed us something The Lord had shown him and it took my breath away. There were no computers, no phones back when the woman needed how did she know? How did she find out about Him? Someone stood. Someone spoke of Him and she had heard.

Today, I want to be the one...the one that told her about Him. I want to be the one that stood, and let them all know! I thought of how bright our days would be, if everyone told a story....someone tell me how the rain stopped when you just asked...tell me how the roots held you when there was nothing else to grab onto. Blessed again today, thankful for what I can feel.

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