Sunday, February 22, 2015

Where the Wrens Go

I watched a flock of wren disappear into the fog. Their soft chirps, I could barely hear. I knew they rested in the yonder tree, but the thick white blanket of clouded air hid their tiny bodies. I clasped my hands around the warm coffee mug and listened to the rain drop in slow motion. I looked downward and apologized to The Lord.

My eyes poured as the fog of disobedience, neglect and self hindrance began to clear. I asked him to let me, one more time. "One more time Lord, give me the words. Let me share once more what you've Blessed us with."

  1. The angels so sweetly are singing,
    Up there by the beautiful sea;
    Sweet chords from their gold harps are ringing,
    How beautiful heaven must be.
How beautiful heaven must be,Sweet home of the happy and free;Fair haven of rest for the weary,How beautiful heaven must be.
I thought about how quickly I arrived at church out of habit. I went there without much thought, the common road has been leading me there for a while now. I sat upon a pew as the chatter filled the sanctuary. The moment I touched the hymnal, and opened the book of songs, I thought of Him. My eyes filled while I pondered on how beautiful Heaven must be. I thought, I won't have to see men in cages on the morning news, I won't have to hear of the awful things some children have to go home to after school..."no drooping nor pining, no longing for elsewhere to beautiful Heaven must be."

I could hear their song, but I couldn't see the place where the wrens had gone. I knew they were there just the same. They sang on high, above the lands of the low, and I too, began to sing.

I revisited that room. The voices began to swell as The Spirit began to move. As He stopped by each one, humbled words spoke out. Several met Him at The Altar and burdens were lifted. It wasn't long until I saw her. The girl who was looking for a Sunday School room just minutes before. Downstairs as I waited for each of my "babies" to come to class, I saw a gorgeous young girl walking down the hall. She asked which way should she go and I told her, she could choose. She walked to the room that housed the familiar face of her little cousin, and that's the direction she walked.

This time, she asked direction from Him, and He walked her right down to that Altar. Her teenage knees bent, and she accepted Him as her Savior. The church wept at the beautiful Miracle taking place before our very eyes. Sometime after she sat back down, another child made her way to the front. It was the little cousin walking slowly towards that same Altar. Her precious face turned around to look back. When she saw her Grandmother coming up the aisle behind her, the sobbing child fell to her knees, and she too accepted Him as her Savior. It was almost too much to bear for the little country church. One after the other stood in Praise. Some sought forgiveness, some sought the Eternal Home, some sought lighter burdens, but all received Him.

Here now I sat, under the wrens. The bare pines held them high and though I couldn't see them, I knew they were there. I wondered what it would be like up there, where the wrens go, looking down. I then wondered what it was like to be in Heaven this day, as the Angels Rejoiced as they gained two more. I thought how messed up we can make this world, but they still have reason to sing. It won't be long I know. They'll be more heartache, more burdens, more fog to cloud our way, but the wrens will still find reason sing. I am thankful to have been under that steeple this morning.

Blessed again and I'm not even worthy. Thankful for The Spirit this morning.