Wednesday, July 19, 2017

That Reflection

The words, "Be still, and wait upon The Lord" is all I could repeat as I began my morning. When you know how good He is and wake with that feeling that He is preparing something just for you, the anticipation puts a smile on your face.

As the land began to sparkle from the first light of the day, I took a seat to watch the sun rise along with the morning's dew. I slowly began to replay last night's Revival service and found myself singing "I'm bound for that city, God's Holy white city, oh yes I am..." I stopped breathing on my own as I could feel The Spirit move inside me. I watch the man on the fourth pew. His head moved about with confidence as he shouted these same words. The song book pressed against his chest, he already knew the words, and believed them. The hair on my arm and neck began to rise as the voices below that steeple roared with might, and I knew. I knew He had something special, just or us.

It didn't take long before they stood, the ones who needed to praise. It didn't take long before they shouted, the ones who needed to shout. It didn't take long before they sang, the ones gifted in song. I watched as little girls sang Child of The King with their Daddy and Grandfather. As hands lifted and their voices grew, the tallest of the two smiled, as The Lord showed her what obedience looked like. A powerful message was fed to His Sheep by The Shepherd himself and it didn't take long...until two tiny feet, carried two tiny legs to the altar where two tiny knees fell in heartache and sorrow. The blessed child wept and all around wept with her. She tried to put off what she could no longer...and right then and there, her heart was beating with His blood in her veins.

The four walls held in a rejoicing like no other and I was sure they would come tumbling down at any minute. That child has something now, that nobody can take away from her. That simple Tuesday became forever solid for that little girl.

I was smiling when the droplet of dew fell from the old cabin's roof. I watched it fall with purpose ever so slowly that I could see the reflection of the sun rise, then the tall corn from the garden, the grass below and then a puddle beneath it reached up and swallowed it whole. It waved up at the rooftop to assure the next drop to fall in the exact same path to safety below. I smiled and stood, took a deep breath and thanked Him for that reflection.

I saw that what had seemed like the passing of a very long time was only a short duration. The trees were beginning to be draped with tangerine behind them and the sun was shining on one spot down in the garden. The pouting sunflowers were beginning to reach upward in thanks and turned to look back at the old cabin's porch as I walked away. My seat was also lit [with The Son] and I smiled knowing. "Be still and wait upon The Lord," and that was just for me. Feeling Blessed this morning!